APAC Webinar – Demo of Project SPARK: The AI Tool for Eventprofs, by Eventprofs

Get Stuff Done with PCMA’s AI Tool, Project SPARK Project SPARK - the AI tool for Eventprofs, by Eventprofs, is a once in a generation opportunity for the business events industry to understand and define how a disruptive technology will shape our chosen profession — the business events industry. Join us for the webinar on Project SPARK to discover what SPARK is all about, and how you can make the most of it to jumpstart your routine event design and planning tasks, content generation and marketing communications.

APAC Webinar - Unlocking the Power of AI for Events

APAC Webinar: Unlocking the Power of AI for Events

Meet Your Next Best Meeting Planning Tool: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Artificial intelligence technology and tools are now available to the masses. Not just ChatGPT, but Bing, Bard, Claude, Ernie, and more to come in the future. How are these AI tools going to help you in your event planning? “Unlocking the Power of AI for Event Planning” webinar will unravel what cutting-edge AI tech and tools are all about and introduce you to terms like “GPT” and “LLM” (and what it really means).

La Inteligencia Artificial no es una amenaza, el competidor que la aproveche sí lo será

¿Es la inteligencia Artificial una amenaza para nuestra industria? A medida que la Inteligencia Artificial comienza a impulsar nuevas oportunidades en la industria, las empresas deben comenzar a pensar cómo construir una estrategia para complementar o potenciar las capacidades existentes. La IA será una de las herramientas que nos ayudará a encontrar diferenciación. ¿Y tú ya la estás usando a tu favor o esperas a que tu competidor lo haga?

Live Q&A: What Hybrid Events Will Look Like in 2022

Join Cheri Hulse, Head of Strategy at ON24, as she discusses the foundation of business event engagement, event business models, and why hybrid events in 2022/23 may not be what you think they are today.

Vaccine Spotlight Webinar: What Does the Law Say?

There was much confusion during the onset of COVID and the cancellations that followed. Should venues be flexible? Are planners obligated to fulfill their contracts although the event could not take place? With time, practices and rulings have been defined in the business of events. Steven A. Adelman joins us to outline the responsibilities of all parties that now enter into an event contract from health and safety requirements to cancellation policies.

PCMA Webinar: What Does Hybrid Mean to PCMA?

PCMA has held a virtual component to their major annual meetings, Convening Leaders and EduCon, for years. However, this year, hybrid took on a new meaning for our organization.

Vaccine Spotlight Webinar: Insights from the Event Industry

Now that we’ve heard about the science from Dr. Patel, let’s look at how our industry has been directly affected. We have brought together a panel of industry experts to discuss the different ways COVID has impacted themselves and their teams. The panel will discuss their own journeys since March 2020, and how they intend to move forward, including vaccination requirements, as the uncertainty of the future in the meetings and events industry continues.

Vaccine Spotlight Webinar: Understand the Science

The COVID-19 vaccines have been out for months, but some are still skeptical. Misinformation surrounds us at every turn, so returning to face-to-face events with confidence can be difficult. That is why we have asked Dr. Robin Patel, the Director of the Infectious Diseases Research Laboratory, back for a PCMA webinar.

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