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Experience Columbia SC

Welcome to the new, modern South where tradition and tomorrow are perfectly paired. Columbia, S.C. is a creative hub fed by university and capital city communities amidst natural beauty.

Choose Brisbane

Medical conference organizers are increasingly looking to medical hubs of innovation to bring their events. One such place is Brisbane, Australia.

Montréal Attracts Global Nonprofits

On the bustling banks of the Saint Lawrence River in the heart of Quebec, Montréal is establishing itself as a headquarters for international organizations and nonprofits.

San Jose’s Comic Con Boosts Local Economy

Late last month, Silicon Valley Comic Con (SVCC) not only drove roughly 100,000 people to the downtown area of San Jose, but, according to estimates, more than $12.5 million in direct revenue to local businesses resulting in a greater economic impact than Super Bowl 50 last year.

Dining Around: Best Practices for Groups

With more than 400 restaurants citywide to choose from — 100 of which have opened in the past five years — it’s easy to see why dine arounds are popular in Indy.