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What You Told Us About Your Biggest Challenge Surprised Us

Last year’s Meetings Market Survey respondents told us what makes their job difficult. Do you see yourself on this list?

BY Michelle Russell October 24, 2017

Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun

The Midsummer Scream Halloween Festival unites DIY haunted-house builders, entertainment-world horror pros, and ghost-story enthusiasts in Long Beach for some late-summer spooking. Who said October had to have all the fun?

BY Barbara Palmer October 23, 2017

Turning the Tables: What Kind of Attendee Are You?

See how your own preferences as an attendee stack up to your colleagues’ in real time.

BY Michelle Russell September 29, 2017

Convene Survey: How Will Trump’s Travel Policies Affect International Attendance?

Most meeting professionals who responded to our latest survey are worried about the negative effect that new policies will have on the perception of travel to the U.S.

BY Barbara Palmer September 26, 2017

How to Achieve Influence and Success in a Digital World

In order for your business or conference to achieve worldwide “word of mouth” on the web, it is crucial to add a human touch to social media.

BY Casey Gale September 12, 2017

The Shows Must Go On

Every summer, the Educational Theatre Association (EdTA) brings together thousands of kids — mostly middle- and high-school students — for education, networking, and of course, performing.

BY Christopher Durso September 11, 2017

The Internet Society Celebrates 25 Years With a Global Hybrid Event This Week

InterCommunity 2017 will bring people from around the world together in an event that combines online and face-to-face participants.

BY Jasmine Zhu September 1, 2017

How Your Bad Memory Can Be Good for You

A new report concludes that forgetting things may be your brain’s way of optimizing information.

BY Michelle Russell August 25, 2017

Shopping on the Brain

The Shopper Brain Conference is here to solve the science behind shopping.

BY Casey Gale July 31, 2017

Behind the Scenes: Five of the Fastest-Growing Trade Shows

Convene TV hosts Carrie Ferenac and Kimberly Bottom unpack the secrets behind their success.

BY Convene Editors July 10, 2017

How Will Millennials Change Meetings?

Hint: It’s all about flexibility.

BY Jasmine Zhu July 3, 2017

Inside Convene’s 2017 Salary Survey

Convene TV hosts Carrie Ferenac and Kimberly Bottom discover surprising insights from this year’s results.

BY Convene Editors June 13, 2017