Event Strategy & Design

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Connecting Columbus

What a difference a block makes: Here’s how a redeveloped overpass performed what one urban planner calls “an act of magic” in Columbus, Ohio.

BY Barbara Palmer September 13, 2017

How Destination Cleveland Engages the Whole Community During Conventions

The city’s volunteer program offers extra support for meeting planners.

September 11, 2017

Pre Con/Post Con

A before-and-after look at the Institute of Internal Auditors International Conference, held in July in Sydney, Australia

BY Convene Editors September 7, 2017

Frustrated Fan Sues for a Bad Digital Event Experience

Showtime’s struggles to secure enough bandwidth for a highly anticipated boxing match are leading to a potential courtroom battle. If you’re streaming your own event or conference, the fight — inside and outside the ring — holds one key lesson for your digital strategy.

BY David McMillin September 4, 2017

The 143rd Audio Engineering Society International Convention

For the first time, AES will be co-located with the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Show 2017, creating a one-stop shop for attendees to learn more about the audio and visual fields.

BY Casey Gale September 1, 2017


Experient took attendees camping — without abandoning the glamour of its production design.

BY Convene Editors September 1, 2017

NCVA Goes to Washington

A new administration was the catalyst for a revamp of the National Venture Capital Association’s annual meeting.

BY Michelle R. Davis September 1, 2017

How Does C2 Montreal Keep Reinventing Itself?

C2 Montreal, one of the most transformative of business events, starts its planning every year with a blank canvas.

BY David McMillin September 1, 2017

Richard St-Pierre: The Only Relevant KPI Is Happiness

C2 Montreal International President Richard St-Pierre talks about what he means when he says he wants the business conference to touch attendees’ souls, failure, and how he builds teams that keep pushing the envelope.

BY Michelle Russell September 1, 2017

3 ASAE Expo Booths With Local Flair

Here’s how three booths went the extra mile to bring their cities to life at the ASAE Annual Meeting and Expo.

BY Casey Gale August 30, 2017

The ‘Dumpster’ Lunch

To spotlight the problem of food waste, WasteExpo 2017 served a delicious meal made entirely of food that was left over or would otherwise have been thrown out.

BY Molly Petrilla August 30, 2017