August 2017

Cover illustration by Toby & Pete

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Precious-Metal Sponsorships

Platinum, gold, silver, and bronze sponsorship levels have lost their luster.

July 31, 2017

2017 Best in Show

Our latest Best in Show honorees go above and beyond to help create great meetings experiences — and their nominations reinforce that it takes a team to deliver every one of those experiences.

BY Christopher Durso July 31, 2017

Yes, and…

Why improvisation offers a fail-safe way to create better collaborations.

BY Barbara Palmer July 31, 2017

Can Influencer Marketing Campaigns Reach Meeting Planners?

Influencers are all over social media touting the latest place to see, restaurant to visit, or shoe to buy. So why haven’t destinations harnessed that power to target meeting planners? One city is about to try — and others likely aren’t far behind.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst July 31, 2017

How Can Hotels Better Serve Planners’ Needs?

The hospitality industry is in constant flux, making it a challenge to keep communication lines open between its various sectors. Here’s how Sonesta International Hotels Corporation does it.

BY Casey Gale July 31, 2017

How Will the EFPIA Disclosure Code Change Medical Meetings?

Next year, European medical-technology companies will be prohibited from directly sponsoring physicians to attend medical conferences. How will the events industry ensure that this doesn’t lead to a decline in attendance?

BY Casey Gale July 31, 2017

Will Your Next Meeting Be Inside a Wine Cellar?

Wine cellars and barrel-aging rooms can lend meetings a sense of drama and exclusivity.

BY Corin Hirsch July 31, 2017

How Can Data Analytics Transform Meetings?

As an association that focuses on analytics, INFORMS wants a sophisticated data system — like those used by its members — to help it make better decisions.

July 31, 2017

Blowing Up: How A Niche Event Went Big

World Science Festival Brisbane is dedicated to taking science out of the lab and into the community — ‘from blowing up stuff to setting off rockets.’

July 31, 2017

How Do You Give Back To A Destination?

The International Association of Professional Congress Organisers invited attendees to create lasting legacy programs for specific host destinations.

BY Michelle R. Davis July 31, 2017

Behind the Scenes: Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

If we really want to come up with innovative outcomes, we can’t go it alone.

BY Michelle Russell July 31, 2017

For Montréal, the Best Is Yet to Come

This year marks the 375th anniversary of the founding of Montréal, and more than 175 events are planned to celebrate the discovery of the island that’s home to the second-largest city in Canada.

BY David McMillin July 31, 2017

The 90-Minute Rule for Peak Performance

‘Great performers characteristically focus for periods of no longer than 90 minutes, and then take breaks to rest, renew, and refuel,’ according to Betsy Harbison, The Energy Project’s director of marketing.

BY Convene Editors July 31, 2017

Shopping on the Brain

The Shopper Brain Conference is here to solve the science behind shopping.

BY Casey Gale July 31, 2017

Velo-city 2017

Velo-city 2017 took place June 13–16, 2017 in Arnhem-Nijmegen, Netherlands.

BY Casey Gale July 31, 2017

New Horizons in Headaches

The 18th Congress of the International Headache Society will take place on Sept. 7–10 this year in Vancouver Convention Centre Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

BY Casey Gale July 31, 2017

Science and Art Meet in Heidelberg

Here’s why visitors ranging from 18th-century German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe to American humorist Mark Twain were so charmed by Heidelberg.

BY Barbara Palmer July 31, 2017

3 Ways to Handle Difficult Employees

Everyone has dealt with a difficult colleague at one point or another. How can you productively work alongside them?

BY Casey Gale July 31, 2017

My New Favorite App: Monzo

My favorite app at the moment is Monzo. Available in the U.K., Monzo is an app that allows me to create, manage, and use a bank account (with a “funky”

BY Convene Editors July 31, 2017

How We’ll Meet

The German Convention Bureau’s Future Meeting Space is set to explore the human side of meetings.

BY Barbara Palmer July 31, 2017

Home Runs and Base Hits

Growing our events in a rapidly changing world.

BY Deborah Sexton July 31, 2017

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