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Money-saving, revenue-raising, and risk-management strategies for meetings and trade shows of all sizes. And we look at the logistics of international meetings, from cultural concerns to business practices around the globe.

5 Tips on How to Control Your Message in a Crisis

When a crisis occurs, the press expects an explanation right away. Ari Fleischer, former White House press secretary, shares his formula for staying cool under pressure.

BY Casey Gale May 8, 2017

How Will Europe’s New MedTech Guidelines Affect Your Meetings?

Medical conferences with international attendees should ‘brace themselves for an impact.’

BY Kristin Luna May 3, 2017

5 Destinations Using Virtual Reality to Put You in Their Place

Virtual reality has finally arrived. And destinations and venues are getting increasingly creative about using it for 360-degree tours, high-flying site visits, and more. Grab your headset and take a look.

BY Ken Budd May 1, 2017

Crossing the U.S. Off the Destination List

While President Trump’s travel ban remains hung up in federal court, it already is having an effect on bookings of U.S. cities for international business events.

BY Michelle Russell April 25, 2017

Leveraging Local Relationships to Prepare for a Crisis

Crafting a disaster-recovery plan sounds like a monumental undertaking, but according to a panel at last week’s Secure Tourism Summit, you don’t need to go it alone.

BY Casey Gale April 25, 2017

How Artificial Intelligence Will Elevate Human Interaction

As robots and artificial intelligence become more commonplace, the conference industry has a bright future, says tech expert Inma Martinez.

BY Michelle Russell April 18, 2017

Tough Calls

The NCAA is satisfied with North Carolina’s repeal of the bathroom bill. But does it go far enough to satisfy professional event organizers?

BY Michelle Russell April 11, 2017

How AWEA Reinvented Its 2016 Annual Meeting

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) got the best of both worlds when it moved its education onto the exhibit floor.

March 17, 2017

Got Shrinking Room Blocks?

Although the percentage of room pick-up has remained steady over the last decade, the numbers have dwindled while attendance has grown. Is it time to think differently?

BY Michelle Russell March 14, 2017

How the Digital Experience Institute Streamed PCMA Convening Leaders 2017 All Over the Globe

The broadcast offered live coverage of PCMA Convening Leaders 2017 to a far-flung remote audience.

BY Convene Editors March 1, 2017

A Few Tweaks Can Work Wonders for Meetings

More than 1,200 people participated in the 128th Annual Meeting of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) last year, which was held Nov. 13–16 at the La Quinta

BY Barbara Palmer February 15, 2017

The RSA Conference: Big and Getting Bigger

How the RSA Conference plans to expand Its impact In 2017

BY Corin Hirsch February 1, 2017

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