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How One Hybrid Medical Conference Streamlined CME, F&B, and More

The Georgia Society of Interventional Pain Physicians took a simple approach to earning CMEs for both virtual and in-person participants of its 2020 Annual Pain Summit, and a color-coded process for F&B for face-to-face participants — which led to a safer way to eat during COVID-19 for its next event.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst September 30, 2020

This Socially Distanced Concert Series Hits the Right Notes

Thoughtful “room” sets and precautionary measures make these outdoor concerts enjoyable and safe for participants during the pandemic.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst September 20, 2020

Hotels and Event Venues Get Schooled

Meeting space is being repurposed to cater to the needs of schoolchildren — and their working parents — to get their work done in a safe environment outside the home.

BY Convene Editors September 16, 2020

Zero-Attrition Offers Grow to Entice Group Business

More and more hotels are announcing that they’ve waived attrition fees for 2020 group bookings.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst September 10, 2020

Rethinking Restaurants in a Pandemic

When indoor dining fell victim to COVID-19, some chefs and restaurant owners pivoted to preparing meals for the food insecure — and will make that part of their business model when the crisis is over.

BY Barbara Palmer September 1, 2020

Virtual Experiences — the Next Best Thing in Destination Marketing

With in-person FAM trips and site visits out of the question at many destinations during the pandemic, CVBs and companies are connecting with customers by offering immersive virtual experiences.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst August 21, 2020

Meeting Face-to-Face: ‘It’s Who We Are as a Species’

Neil Brownlee, VisitScotland’s head of business events, on why there will always be a place for face-to-face events, even as we become more used to meeting online — and how in-person events are critical in helping to shape the communities that host them.

BY Neil Brownlee July 14, 2020

3 DMOs on Group Business in the Living-With-COVID-19 World

Destination and venue leaders from three convention cities share how they have weathered the first half of 2020 and what they are doing to prepare for the future.

BY David McMillin July 2, 2020

Survey Reveals Consumer Concerns About Resuming Travel

Research group Dynata surveyed thousands of travelers in 11 countries, asking them what COVID-19 health and safety procedures would make them feel comfortable enough to resume air travel and hotel stays, among other activities.

BY Curt Wagner July 1, 2020

How CVBs Are Helping Destinations Safely Reopen

As destinations have started to lift stay-at-home orders and businesses are reopening their doors, CVBs are helping to ensure their communities stay safe as they ready to welcome visitors once again.

BY Casey Gale June 28, 2020

America’s Best Small Cities List Takes on New Meaning During Pandemic

Resonance Consultancy’s annual list was compiled using data gathered prior to the pandemic but could provide insights for planners seeking destinations with a smaller footprint to accommodate attendees in the wake of COVID-19.

BY Convene Editors June 23, 2020

U.K. Destination Leaders Reflect on Coming Back Stronger

In a roundtable conversation hosted by VisitBritain, U.K. destination leaders discussed what they’ll need to do to bring business back once the COVID-19 crisis has abated.

BY Casey Gale June 22, 2020