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Why Person-First Language Matters

A recent medical conference on obesity in Dublin, Ireland, reinforces the importance of using person-first language when referring to people living with an illness or disability.

BY Michelle Russell May 19, 2023

5 Ways to Make Social Media Messages More Inclusive

Inclusive event design doesn’t stop — or start — with the event itself. Organizations and event marketers should practice it on social media, too.

BY Curt Wagner May 8, 2023

SocialOffset: An Alternative to Destination Boycotts

The new initiative enables groups meeting in destinations whose policies don’t align with their values to offset their spending in that state by supporting charities that do.

BY Michelle Russell April 7, 2023

Maximizing Minority-Owned Brands

A new training and mentorship program in the F&B sector of consumer packed goods is helping entrepreneurs of color gain access to — and find success at — industry trade shows. 

BY Curt Wagner March 20, 2023

There’s No Shortage of Black Speakers

Two resources — Black Speakers Collection and Black Executives Collection — continue to grow. Here’s an update to a story we published in December 2021 about the directories.

BY Michelle Russell February 1, 2023

Recovering the Cuisine of Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous chefs are using restaurants and special events to tell the mostly unknown story about Native food in America. 

BY Barbara Palmer January 20, 2023

New PCMA Board Chair Focuses on Inclusivity, Sustainability, and Development of Future Leaders

Desirée Knight, chair of PCMA’s 2023 Board of Directors and Trustees, talks about her goals during her term and the challenges facing the events industry.

BY Casey Gale January 9, 2023

Looking Inward at Our Biases

Inclusive leadership expert Melissa Majors’ three steps to follow to mindfully mitigate your own biases.

BY Curt Wagner January 4, 2023

How Diversity in Design Collaborative is Working to Bring Equity to Design Industry

Black designers are coming together to address the lack of Black representation in the design industry, and the events industry is part of that effort.

BY Barbara Palmer December 5, 2022

Will New Salary Transparency Laws Help Solve Pay Inequity?

New legislation around the country requires employers to disclose compensation at various points in the hiring process, which is prompting employers to take bigger steps in what many say is a crucial strategy in achieving greater pay equity for all.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst November 21, 2022

Creating an Equitable Event Experience for Attendees of All Abilities

What the Raleigh Convention Center learned hosting the 2022 LEAD Conference, an event for — and by — experts in arts and accessibility, and what planners can learn from it, too.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst November 7, 2022

How This CVB Executive Is ‘100-percent Focused on Inclusion’

Hilina Ajakaiye draws on her experience as an immigrant — and conference organizer — to invite everyone to the table in the Boston hospitality and events industry.

BY Barbara Palmer September 28, 2022

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