Ascent: Inclusion & Diversity

Ascent strives to motivate and to educate decision-makers on the business case and best practices for inclusive workplaces and events. Learn more about this initiative.

Webinar: Rolling Out the Rainbow Carpet: Creating Inclusive Events and Welcoming Destinations

How do we make our destinations and events more inclusive and welcoming? Join destination representatives and organizers who are ready to share the struggles and triumphs they’ve experienced to ignite action as we work toward a more inclusive reality for all.

BY Josh Henry Chase Brunson Maria Grasso Jason Dunn Rory Archibald June 28, 2022

Mesa, Arizona — ‘The Most Accessible City in the U.S.’

Here’s how Mesa, Arizona, became the first-ever Autism Certified City. It all started with Visit Mesa CEO’s less-than-great vacation experience in another destination.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst June 24, 2022

Social Impact and Silver Linings Through Latin America’s Convention Centers

Grupo Heroica president and CEO Juliana López Bermudez shares how the convention industry in Latin America ‘has an extraordinary capacity for economic spillover.’

BY Jennifer N. Dienst June 22, 2022

At Detroit’s Huntington Place, 3 Women Execs Carve a New Path Forward

Huntington Place in Detroit is the first U.S. convention center with women serving in the highest executive roles.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst June 16, 2022

Celebrating Juneteenth — and Fort Worth’s Opal Lee

Sometimes the long haul is long, said 95-year-old activist Opal Lee, who worked for four decades for the recognition of Juneteenth as a national holiday.

BY Barbara Palmer June 13, 2022

Making Shifts to Meet the Evolving Needs of Convention Groups

“Groups want options and they want to feel confident that we can accommodate them,” said Monique Wise, director of sales and marketing at Indiana Convention Center, in the latest profile from our series highlighting female leaders at event facilities.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst June 8, 2022

Adrienne Readings: ‘Memorable Immersive Experiences are High on the Agenda’

Australia’s first female GM of a convention center, Adrienne Readings, shares how the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre in Queensland, Australia is leveling up to meet the changing needs of groups.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst May 27, 2022

Notified Executive Allie Magyar: ‘You’re Not Confined by Your Title’

From street racing to startups, serial entrepreneur Allie Magyar shares the highs and lows that come with forging your own path.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst May 27, 2022

Convention Center VP Cheryl Swanson: ‘We All Need to Shout About This Exciting Field’

Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center’s Cheryl Swanson shares her thoughts on how the pandemic has given venues the opportunity to innovate.

BY Jennifer Dienst May 20, 2022

More Women Participated in Virtual Than In-Person Events

Two separate studies reveal that online events held during the pandemic resulted in increased participation among women as both as attendees and speakers, compared to their in-person, pre-pandemic versions.

BY Michelle Russell May 17, 2022

Cynthia Serrano: ‘Creating Solutions’ at the Fort Worth Convention Center

Cynthia Serrano, general manager at Fort Worth Convention Center, shares her thoughts on leadership, challenges with staffing and labor, and the center’s upcoming expansion.

BY Jennifer Dienst May 16, 2022

Mariana Atencio on the Importance of Authentic Leadership

At CEMA Summit, award-winning Latina journalist Mariana Atencio will take what she learned about authenticity from her experiences as a reporter and apply it to leading teams in a post-COVID world.

BY Curt Wagner May 9, 2022

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