Webinar: Pivot Your Event from Live to Virtual

Hear case studies of companies that have switched to large scale virtual events in the past few months, learn to navigate the digital environment and develop ways to design for peak audience engagement online.

Webinar: Asia Pacific COVID-19 Outlook. Is the Worst Over?

As the infection and fatality rate of COVID19 continues to take its toll, countries in the Asia Pacific region have started to softly gain control over the outbreak. In this webinar, hear from Dr Leong Hoe Nam as he provides a situational update and a near-term outlook for the region. Following which, we consider how various cities have reacted to the pandemic and the measures put in place, as well as gathering insights into future opportunities and developments as we begin a drawn-out process towards full economic recovery.

Webinar: China: From Crisis to Recovery

Being the first to be impacted by COVID-19, China has since turned the tables and gained control over the outbreak as businesses slowly return. Join this webinar to hear from senior industry leaders in China on how government, meeting planners and companies have dealt with this major disruption and measures that have been put in place. We will further explore how businesses are finding ways to move towards recovery, post COVID-19 trends for the business events industry in 2020 and how our industry is being reshaped that will have us see brighter days ahead.

Webinar: Elevate Your Relationships: Connect Better, Online and Offline

What words, tone of voice, or body language can you use to be a 93% more effective communicator? How did the MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory discover how to be 50% more successful in a team environment? What two areas did McKinsey & Co. find after surveying 20,000 customers in 5 different industries across 3 continents that can dramatically improve your sales results by 74%?

Webinar: 1st Quarter Membership 2020 (APAC)

Your membership with PCMA can put you on the right track to take your career to the next level. The information in this orientation program will help you to get started on your journey. PCMA is your gateway to the industry’s most relevant, cutting-edge information and knowledgeable leaders. So let’s get you prepped and ready to take full advantage of all we offer!

Webinar: Get the Facts on COVID-19

With so much media coverage of COVID-19, and the global developments changing by the minute, it’s hard to determine what steps are necessary - and when to act. PCMA and the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) are delivering this joint webinar featuring a panel of medical experts to separate fact from fiction helping you decide if and how this impacts your event audiences and stakeholders. This webinar shall not be considered medical advice. In all cases, groups should consult their local medical authorities for specific details regarding their meeting or event.


Sustainability on the Menu at AIME

Not only were the food items served at an AIME Hosted Buyer Breakfast sustainable, its focus was on giving ‘back more than we take away.’


Coronavirus’ Impact on Events

The Singapore Airshow will take place as planned this month, but other events in Asia are being rescheduled or canceled.