Founder, WiT

Yeoh Siew Hoon is the founder of WiT, launching it in Singapore in 2005 and going on to launch WiT editions across Asia Pacific, as well as Middle East and Europe. The events and news platform was acquired by Northstar Travel Media in 2014.

She’s a published author of titles such as “Around Asia In One Hour: Tales of Condoms, Chillies & Curries”, children’s books such as “Adventures of Habibie The Turtle” and “The Story of Baitong and Boon” and host of “A Life In Travel” podcast.

Customer Deep Dive: Corporate Meetings and Events, 13:45 AEDT

With physical events and face-to-face meetings not being possible, corporate event planners have shifted their strategies and adapted to this changing omnichannel environment. Join this discussion as we discuss what’s taking place in their world, their challenges now and the new opportunities they are exploring moving towards the future.

Other speaker: Deborah Caldwell

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