Guiding Principles in Experience Design – Six Truths for Innovative Event Strategies

The Guiding Principles in Experience Design report is the modern event professional’s go-to resource for the top six most relevant truths–rather than trends–in the business events industry.

The PCMA Foundation partnered with Marriott International and CEMA, with contributions from Google Xi, on a third-edition report shaping the future of event design. The research was conducted and analyzed by creative agency Storycraft Lab. Its valuable data is the result of strategic testing, case studies, and carefully curated one-on-one interviews with more than 60 of the top experts and change makers across various industries.

But providing you with the Six Truths is only half of the journey…

Now, we need you to understand and apply these truths to your own business events, and most importantly, share your findings as we follow up to hear about your implementation experiences.

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