Ascent Webinar: In Need of a Change: Understanding Perspectives to Lead

Through meetings and events, we are always striving to include as many different perspectives as we can to expand our education and satisfy our audiences. With the industry growing throughout the years and perspectives differing per generation, how do we expect everyone to open their minds and possibly shift their mindset?

Webinar: Keeping Everyone Safe When We Return To Face-to-Face

Our panel of experts is here to answer the top questions about what the return to events will look like in order to keep everyone involved safe according the research their organizations have done, as well as standards planners should look out for when deciding on their next meeting venue.

Ascent Webinar: Unconscious Bias: Get Rid of the BS

Risha Grant talks about Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion through the lens of humanity using terms like BS or Bias Synapse as a way to explain our brain's involvement in the processing and validation of bias.

Webinar: Help Your Speakers Present with Impact

Hear from Gabrielle Dolan on how to avoid common mistakes when it comes to presenting virtually. Discover tips and methods to help your speaker make that transition and present with impact online.

Webinar: Tools to Enhance Your Speaker’s Engagement

Speakers that previously only worked in face-to-face environments have now been thrown into the digital meetings world without warning. Techniques they may have employed on the stage, can be hard to replicate through a video presentation. This session will include various tactics that can be implemented immediately to encourage presentations to evolve as everyone gets more comfortable with the online venue.

Webinar: Find the Right Resources For Your Business Continuity Network

Freelance networks are great way for companies to resource their events on an as needed basis and to leverage experts with the specific expertise, skills, and strengths needed to navigate through change. At this same time, these networks provide a soft landing pad for displaced employees to access community, education, and work opportunities as they figure out what is next for their career.

Chat & Learn: What To DO if Crisis Strikes

Learn how to sharpen your decision making and do what’s best for your brand when confronted with unexpected threats to your reputation. Hear about communication strategies that top crisis managers deploy to deal with the unplanned and get out of the news when it occurs.

Chat & Learn: Not Your Grandad’s Webcast

Pete Erickson and Dan Noake will talk about how they took Google from live event to live stream in the space of 4 weeks, what mistakes they made along the way, and ultimately how they are developing new ways of connecting communities whilst COVID remains a concern.

Webinar: Realistic Steps for Building a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

As we navigate these unprecedented social, economic and political times in America, many members of the HR and Diversity & Inclusion space are getting similar questions from leaders and professionals wondering - What should we be doing? How can we become more informed and aware? How can we better support our employees, friends, and communities?

Webinar: Security Considerations For Your Next Event

Security measures have increased in every aspect, so we have brought in the experts. Join us as we move through protocols and procedures to keep everyone, from attendees to VIPs, safe when they step back into face-to-face events.

Webinar: Get Creative with Restrictions to Meet Differently

The return to face-to-face events is in sight, but they will never be the same. Our panel of experts will tackle questions about how the industry is working together as a whole to provide clean and safe environments for event participants.