Webinar: Engage Effectively with Procurement

Have you faced challenges when it comes to procurement at your events? Or struggle to communicate effectively with them? Join us at this session to unpack the business function that procurement performs and identify the success metrics against which they are measured.

Webinar: Pulling Back the Convening Leaders Curtain: Experience Design

Webinar: Pulling Back the Convening Leaders Curtain: Experience Design

PCMA’s Event and Education Leaders Tonya Almond and Carrie Johnson will reveal the CL22 design journey from planning through execution. Sharing how the original experience evolved from the initial plan and touch on health and safety protocols, PCMA Promenade, education content pillars, our hybrid experience, and more.

Webinar: How to Monetise Virtual and Hybrid Event Content

Content, content and more content. When it comes to event content and information, virtual and hybrid events are a literal gold mine. How do you make the most out of recorded conference content and potentially monetise them to contribute to your organisation’s bottom line. 

Live Q&A: Storytelling to Supercharge your Event Marketing

In-person events are back, virtual events are popping up everywhere. How do you stand out for your potential attendees? Join event marketing expert Jess Hopp as she explains how to infuse storytelling into each step of your event marketing journey.


Webinar: Unique Venues in Japan that Captivate and Inspire

You've heard of big-name cities like Tokyo and Osaka, but have you considered other wonderfully unique destinations for conventions in Japan? Join us for a peek into why these destinations and venues inspire creativity and innovation. 

Live Q&A: How to Build Your Hybrid Event from Scratch

Every year the world's leading event professionals come together in January for Convening Leaders. Online and onsite. Learn how the events industry's premier conference delivers a hybrid experience for global and local attendees. From concept, planning, platform, production, and measurement.