Craft Beverage Expo

Expert Advice on Launching New Events, Rethinking Existing Ones

Kellie Shevlin of Craft Beverage Expo, David Audrain of Exposition Development Company, Britton Jones and Sharon Enright of NXT Events Media Group offer their advice about event planning and marketing that all organizers can use to make sure their events stay fresh, regardless of how long they’ve been in existence.

12 Ways to Market to Generation Z

As marketers get to know the up-and-coming, tech-driven generation, there are already some key strategies for connecting your event's mission to the interests of Generation Z.

Measuring the Impact of Micro-Influencers at Your Event


Micro-influencers engage in buying conversations 22.2 times more often than the average consumer — conversations they could be having about attending and recommending your event. But how do you measure the impact they're having?