Webinar: Digital Marketing Trends and Traditions 2019

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You can never get rid of traditions, even with the trends. With the event and meetings industry growing, digital marketing is no different. “New formats, challenges, and ways of engaging make 2019 an exciting time to work in social media,” per Hootsuite. However, the ultimate goal is to bring financial revenue to an organization using events as objective and digital marketing as the tool. In 2019, more than ever, telling the story and engaging with your audience [followers] becomes most important to get your goal achieved. Events remain an experience and using the global landscape to reach them can be effective when one’s content is well designed well.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the most important social media trends in 2019 for brands and businesses.
  • Recognize why collaborating digital and traditional outlets are a necessity to focus on and drive results directly to your website.
  • Learn to prioritize your platforms and content marketing by adding creativity can help expand your audience, event marketing goal, and objectives


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