Webinar: 4th Quarter Membership 2018

Your membership with PCMA can put you on the right track to take your career to the next level. The information in this orientation program will help you to get started on your journey. PCMA is your gateway to the industry’s most relevant, cutting-edge information and knowledgeable leaders.

REBROADCAST: Slide Escape: Engaging Your Audience to Generate Solutions

Can you imagine attending a session that does not include a slide presentation? The possibilities are endless once liberated from the presentation-centric conventions. Explore the Three D’s of Agenda Design and Five Key Facilitation Skills you can apply to escape from slides.

Looking at the Future of Face-to-Face

As meetings and events evolve, the PCMA Education Foundation is supporting the German Convention Bureau’s efforts to predict the next era of engagement.

Capturing the Magic

Eventify’s Stu Katzen says use immersive storytelling to amuse and excite audiences.

Our Reading Brain

There’s growing evidence that our reliance on onscreen reading is hindering our comprehension and ability to connect with others.