Live Q&A: What Hybrid Events Will Look Like in 2022

Hybrid events - as we're currently defining them - are a lot of work! Is this the right engagement model for your customers and employees? Or is there a better way to engage in-person and online audiences? Join Cheri Hulse, Head of Strategy at ON24, as she discusses the foundation of business event engagement, event business models, and why hybrid events in 2022/23 may not be what you think they are today.

Live Q&A: How Virtual and Hybrid Events Will Change in 2022

Hybrid events are here to stay and the multiverse is upon us. How will your virtual and hybrid events change in 2022? What should you be prepared for? Few experts have more insights on digital media and enterprise communications than Ben Chodor, President of Notified. Ben has been innovating video and virtual events for 25 years.

Live Q&A: Marketing Virtual and Hybrid Events in 2022

2020 was the year of virtual events. 2021 is the year of uncertainty. How will events be marketed in 2022? Join DES Expert Sourabh Kothari for this live Q&A about key event marketing trends and how they'll affect your virtual and hybrid events in 2022. Will ads be more expensive? Will video still be effective?

Live Q&A: Hybrid Event Engagement for Sponsor, Partners, and Exhibitors

Join us for a live Q&A session with DES Expert Mary Beth Micucci. How do you increase engagement for sponsors and partners at your hybrid event? How do you structure packages for Exhibitors online vs in-person? What content should sponsors, partners, and exhibitors provide for hybrid events? Bring your questions and join the discussion!

7 Change Actions Webinar: Designing Experiences that Truly Connect and Engage

7 Change Actions Webinar: Designing Experiences that Truly Connect and Engage

Engagement opportunities at events, meetings and other experiences are often implemented near the bottom of a lengthy event checklist of logistics, programmatic content, sponsorship opportunities and more. We as people are craving connection and real, meaningful engagement that inspires, motivates and validates.

Women in Association: Leaders of Tomorrow

Join this PCMA session jointly organised with BEAM and powered by MBS, where women in associations reimagine what success, leadership and effective people will look like in the future. This 2-hour hybrid workshop seeks to open up communication channels with experienced and emerging leaders in Asia Pacific who can productively contribute to elevating the impacts of women in leadership and shine a light on the path forward.

Webinar: Thinking beyond the Room: Creating enduring and valuable content from your experiences

Business event strategists tend to create experiences for audiences who are engaging in real time, resulting in fleeting content for a one-time use. What if we thought about events and experiences as content generators that produce enduring, engaging content that can be used for other purposes such as content marketing? Join Joe Lovett, Strategic Marketing Consultant and 7 Change Actions Contributor in this fun, interactive workshop where you will learn how to use your experiences to create content for your marketing initiatives. This is not a sit back and relax session - You will be an active contributor, responding to polls, submitting ideas, and connecting with peers using an online audience interaction platform called Vervo. Join us and learn how you can generate content that drives value long after your event has ended.