April 2018

Cover illustration by Malina Omut

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What’s the Economic Impact of the Meetings Industry?

For starters, it creates nearly 6 million jobs and offers a 160-percent return on investment.

BY David McMillin April 9, 2018

The Meeting That Used a Ton of Rice — Really

For a meeting of 4,000 people with roots in India’s Maharashtra region, chefs and planners in Grand Rapids, Michigan, had to take a deep dive into an unfamiliar cuisine.

BY Corin Hirsch April 5, 2018

How Event Farm Cultivates Empathy

This event-marketing software company grasps what their event-planning clients need and want by putting on their own events.

April 4, 2018

Putting a Stop to Workplace Bullies

The 11th International Conference on Workplace Bullying and Harassment will convene 400 scholars, lawyers, sociologists, philosophers, psychologists, policy makers, and others to tackle this global problem.

BY Casey Gale April 2, 2018

Is There an Easier Way to Book Small Meetings?

If WeWork was crossed with Airbnb, it might look a lot like Bizly.

April 2, 2018

Don’t Just Talk Amongst Yourselves

How a global wellness meeting stays vibrant by cross-pollinating its attendees.

BY David McMillin April 2, 2018

Sourabh Kothari on Event Strategists’ Most Valuable Resource

‘Do what you love today, and let it guide your tomorrow.’

BY David McMillin April 2, 2018

When the Toxic Employee Is You

Nobody’s perfect. If you behaved less than professionally at a recent meeting or workplace situation, you can take these four steps to set things right.

BY Casey Gale April 2, 2018

Men Are Rewarded for Getting Angry at Work. Women, Not So Much.

Men are rewarded for ‘flying off the handle’ in the workplace, while women have been conditioned to mask their anger, according to ‘Mean Men’ author Mark Lipton. What gives?

BY Casey Gale April 2, 2018

Keeping Ruby Weird

How a programming language conference held in Austin sets itself apart.

BY Casey Gale April 2, 2018

Looking for Purpose with Roy Spence

‘We all have to get out of our computer zones and get into our connected zones.’

BY David McMillin April 2, 2018

How — and Why — You Should Include Patients at Medical Meetings

Medical associations that invite patients onto their stages and into their conference-planning committees are finding that patients are a virtue.

BY Barbara Palmer April 2, 2018

Looking Ahead: It’s Past Time

Join us in the movement to unleash the power of inclusion and diversity.

BY Sherrif Karamat April 2, 2018

Behind the Scenes: Take as Prescribed

If medical conferences really boil down to improving patient care, shouldn’t patients have a presence and a voice at them?

BY Michelle Russell April 2, 2018

Business Events’ Third Place

The Connection Lounge at PCMA Convening Leaders 2018 gave participants a chance to connect and disconnect in whichever way they chose — and provided a hands-on experience to consider for their own events.

BY Michelle Russell April 2, 2018

Shared Space

Hotels are giving their lobbies a bigger footprint and larger role than ever before. Five chains tell us why.

BY Casey Gale April 2, 2018

Is Your Meeting a Safe Place to Share?

One sign of healthy conference is how much sharing takes place. Too often, competition and self-interest get in the way.

March 28, 2018

Manels, the Gender Avenger is Coming After You

Activists take aim at male-dominated speaker line-ups.

BY Barbara Palmer March 28, 2018

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