PCMA COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard Results, Survey 3

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covid-19 survey

When asked in our latest survey how far they would travel for an event without an available vaccine, slightly more than 30 percent of both planners and suppliers said any distance if the program was worth it. (Jue Huang/Unsplash)

The best we can do during the COVID-19 crisis is to continue to learn from each other as we try to plan ahead in an uncertain and rapidly shifting world. Here are the results of our second biweekly check-in, conducted during the first week in May, to determine how the business events community is coming to terms with the coronavirus crisis, imagining events in the near future, and reskilling for the long term. Over the course of four days, 1,388 respondents participated; 935 planners and 453 suppliers.

In this third in our COVID-19 surveys, we introduced a new question for those who are in the business of attracting, hosting, and supporting attendees from all over the world: In the absence of a therapeutic treatment or vaccine for the COVID-19 virus, what is the farthest distance you would consider traveling to a business event in 2020, assuming there are no financial or regulatory restrictions placed on travel?

See what respondents had to say by clicking the button below for your own copy of the results.

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