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After finding the perfect venue, hotel or vendor, one of the first questions every planner has to ask is this: “Does it fit in the budget?” In Madison, the answer is almost always a resounding yes. Celebrated for its unique and friendly-meets-intellectual vibe, Wisconsin’s capital city is not only consistently ranked as one of the happiest and most walkable destinations in the country, it’s also a city where your budget can stretch further while providing high-quality experiences. Given the current global landscape—and event budgets being cut tighter as a result—this is an essential marker for selecting a future host city.

So, what does your dollar get you in Madison? For starters, Madison’s walkability, low population density and active, outdoor lifestyle provides plenty of space for your attendees to explore and enjoy the city safely.

Madison is also a bit of a hidden gem for foodies in the know, and its culinary scene is filled with innovative chefs who take the farm-to-table ethos to the next level. Kitchens all over the city feature an abundance of fresh, locally grown products. Not only does this locavore attitude make for fresher cuisine, it also means good news for your budget. Planners can expect to save 25 to 75 percent on food and beverage costs in Madison compared to many other destinations. One example: No matter the venue, you’ll always find your coffee cost is always under $40 per gallon.

At the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center, you won’t have to worry about meeting a food and beverage minimum—they don’t have one. There are also no service charges on A/V rentals, which adds up to saving 20 to 25 percent over most other hotels and facilities. Another key benefit is that Monona Terrace has the digital infrastructure, technical expertise, full-time audio-visual staff and meeting planning experience to help you create an engaging virtual extension of any in-person experience.

Along with Destination Madison’s exceptionally efficient One City. One Contract program—a revolutionary streamlined approach to meeting and event planning—the ease, access and savings you experience when booking an event in Madison will leave you, your attendees and your budget happy. “We honestly could not have been more pleased,” says Christiane Maertens, Deputy Director of North American Association for Environmental Education. “[Our annual conference held in] Madison with 1,350 attendees was more successful than we had ever hoped. Truly, our best ever.”

Let Destination Madison show you why savings are just the start of what Madison has to offer.

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