Madison Makes it Easy to See Your Event Come to Life

A Sponsored Message from Destination Madison

Last year, Destination Madison launched their game-changing One City. Once Contract, a streamlined system that saves event planners what they value most: time. With One City. Once Contract, planners can tap into a city-wide network of collaboration, with seamless access to all of Madison’s hotel brands (think big-names like Hyatt, Marriott and Hilton along with boutique hotels around the city). So, what does this really mean for your event?

Local Experiences, Guaranteed

When people work together, everyone benefits. In Madison, the whole city works with you to make sure your event thrives. By integrating the host city into your meeting with One City. Once Contract, your attendees will get to experience Madison’s award-winning restaurants, outdoor activities and vibrant local culture. With all your venue and accommodation details taken care off, you can focus on creating memorable experiences for your attendees beyond the hotel and conference room, and Destination Madison can easily connect you with the local insiders who can make it happen.

No More Repetitive Negotiations

You’ve read those same indemnification and liability clauses over and over. They all say the same thing, but you have to go through this time-consuming process regardless—that’s simply the way it’s done, right?

Not in Madison.

One City. One Contract streamlines the repetitive contract process, even when you’re booking multiple hotels at once. Less paperwork means more time spent on what you do best: making your event memorable.

Be the Big Fish

Madison is one of the Midwest’s premier destinations for larger meetings, and the city welcomes them with open arms. When you host a large-scale event in Madison, you effectively become the big fish in an energetic pond, with your event being embraced by the entire community. Especially around the bustling Capitol Square.

If Madison can collaborate in this unprecedented way, just think about how else the community is willing to rally around your event and make it successful. It’s a win-win.

Let Destination Madison show you just how easy meeting planning can be.

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