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How to Keep Staff Motivated

Don’t just reward the sales team; create unique, personalised recognition initiatives that reward all employees.

Networking Tips for Introverts

Icebreakers that allow attendees to meet in a structured manner, smart use of social media, and conversation-sparking menus can ease stress at events for those who don’t like to mingle.

Unlocking Augmented Reality’s Power

‘Everyone wants to transcend the everyday and experience the extraordinary,’ says Darren Lim, senior vice president of Pico+, as he explains how AR can create exhibitions that wow.

Overcoming our Fear of Failure

When travel entrepreneur Simon Wong tried to launch a new business in Singapore, he was met with several big challenges — including lobbying government to change the law. He shares his experience while pointing out the difference between failure and giving up.

How Live Video Is Transforming Events

Live-streaming technology can elevate a static meeting into a shared experience, where virtual and “live” audiences can connect in new ways.

Webinar: Best Practices, Tools, and Resources to Stop Room Block Poaching

In a survey of 622 meeting professionals representing a diverse cross section of the industry, room block sizes and room rates, the Events Industry Council (EIC) found 73.1% of respondents had events or meetings targeted by piracy or poaching. This webinar will provide you with resources to aid meeting professionals in managing room blocks poaching.

K-Pop Incentives: Perceptions vs. Reality

Alex Paik, managing director of Seoul-based brand consultancy AP Communications, offers tips on how event planners can overcome logistical challenges to deliver on client expectations for incentives in Seoul.