Unlock the potential of AI in your event planning and execution!

Course Date: 26-27 February 2024
Location: Sydney, Australia
Price: Member fee: USD 632 (AUD 950)  | Non-member fee: USD 699 (AUD 1050)

Who Should Attend

This course is specifically designed for professionals in the event and meeting industry who aim to demystify the complex realm of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies before seamlessly integrating them into their operations. Organizers will develop the confidence needed in this rapidly evolving field, positioning themselves as competent early adopters and leaders in their roles.

From event planners, marketers, and venue coordinators to production specialists, this course enhances your AI skills within the context of event execution. Each participant will explore innovative approaches that incorporate AI, offering time-saving solutions, enhancing event experiences, and elevating their status within their respective organizations.

Course Overview

Exploring Advanced AI: Uncovering Practical AI Solutions

This course surpasses the fundamental understanding of AI, delving deep into the intricate workings and real-world applications of the most cutting-edge AI solutions. By demystifying these technologies, we empower event organizers to seamlessly incorporate AI into every facet of event planning, marketing, and execution.

Mastery in Data Analysis

Beyond uncovering the potential of AI, this course equips event organizers with the expertise to analyze event data like seasoned professionals. With AI-driven insights, participants will gain a deeper comprehension of attendee preferences, behaviors, and trends. Armed with this knowledge, they can tailor events for unforgettable experiences and maximum impact.

Becoming Confident Pioneers

Embracing AI will position event professionals as confident pioneers and practitioners in this rapidly evolving, technology-driven industry. Learners not only save time and enhance efficiency but also enhance their role’s value within their organization.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the foundational concepts of artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications in the event industry.
  • Explore exciting and useful AI platforms and technologies relevant for event organizers.
  • Identify real-world use cases where AI can revolutionize event marketing, audience engagement, and attendee experience.
  • Learn how to leverage AI to automate event logistics, streamline processes, and improve operational efficiency.
  • Develop strategies for leveraging AI in event promotion and targeted audience engagement to enhance event reach and impact.
  • Discover AI-driven data analysis techniques to measure event success, extract meaningful insights, and inform future event strategies.
  • Understand the ethical considerations and potential challenges associated with integrating AI into event planning and execution.
  • Apply AI-driven strategies and techniques learned throughout the course to develop comprehensive event strategies that leverage AI as a strategic tool for success.

Course Outline

Module 1 | Investigating AI – Current State of the Evolving Landscape of Artificial Intelligence

  • Course Foundation – Defining the Tech & Assessing Potential
  • Introduction to AI including where we are and how we got here
  • Overview of concepts and terminology judicial to event use cases
  • Asking the right questions
  • The potential implications of AI use in events
  • Risks, Philosophical Debates & Principles
  • Innovation, Exploration and Limitations of AI for events
  • Privacy, data security, and compliance considerations
  • Legal regulations related to AI in the events industry


Module 2 | Enhanced Strategy & Planning Through AI Adoption

  • Strategic Insights & Intentional Design
  • Increased cohesive implementation of mission, vision, values, and brand voice.
  • Market assessment, challenges, and opportunities
  • Improved AIDEI implementation
  • Predictive analysis based on historical data
  • Planning, Logistics, and Sourcing with Increased Effectiveness
  • Theme and content trend identification
  • Budgeting and resource allocation
  • Smarter site and vendor sourcing
  • Scheduling and logistics management
  • Enhanced menu design
  • Asset design, editing and alignment


Module 3 | Effective Event Marketing

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Persona building
  • Competitive analysis
  • Key messaging
  • Social Listening
  • Tactical Marketing Execution
  • Website optimization
  • Generative copywriting
  • Generative graphic design
  • Social media posting


Module 4 | Engagement & Execution of Experiences

  • Chatbots, virtual assistants and attendee support
  • Translation and closed captioning
  • AI Matchmaking
  • Personalized Session Suggestions
  • Re-cut content for additional revenue
  • Virtual Event Planning with AI


Module 5 | Data, Analysis, and Event Improvements

  • Attendee feedback and sentiment analysis
  • Behavioral mapping data
  • Predictive analytics for resource planning and optimization
  • Post-event surveys with sentiment analysis
  • Improved event marketing personalization based on attendee behavior
  • Conclusion – AI and Design Thinking


James Bennett

James brings over 15 years of experience within Creative Agencies, consistently tackling diverse business challenges. His passion for innovation started working at a telecommunications company after University, sparking a deep-rooted interest in understanding and explaining cutting-edge technologies in ordinary terms.

In his current role, James works with Project Worldwide’s major tech clients, helping spearhead projects that delve into the realms of machine learning and generative AI.

Now based in Sydney, Australia, James is increasingly invested in exploring how innovations like AI will not only supercharge current business initiatives but also shape the landscape of emerging technologies.

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