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What will it take for you to create career that you want? Here are ways to develop leadership and cultivate other essential skills, plus hacks that can make a big impact on anyone's day-to-day work. And we look at ethics — how do your colleagues draw the line on everything from freebies to food waste?

Barcelona International Convention Centre’s Phil Cross on Being Adaptive

“I very much enjoy the difficult and challenging negotiations, the clients that really challenge you to do something differently.”

BY Christopher Durso December 1, 2017

Denver’s Luis Benitez on Supporting a Newly Acquired, 20,000-Plus Attendee Show

The director of Colorado’s Outdoor Recreation Industry Office talks about luring a portfolio of giant outdoor shows to Denver — and how the destination’s economy and culture stand to benefit.

BY Casey Gale December 1, 2017

What’s the ROI of F2F?

Hotel nights, direct spending, tax revenue — these numbers capture just a fraction of what face-to-face gatherings mean. As the
events industry aims to articulate its true value to lawmakers and the general public, the narrative needs to include both dollars and difference-making efforts.

BY David McMillin December 1, 2017

Cleveland Plays the Long Game

There were both short- and long-term impacts to Cleveland’s economy from hosting the 2016 Republican National Convention.

BY David McMillin December 1, 2017

Open House at the Vancouver Convention Centre

The convention center has been hosting an open house each year since 2010.

BY David McMillin December 1, 2017

Why TR Is Key to the Event of the Future

“Tactile reassurance” is a new way to describe face-to-face events’ value proposition, even into the future.

BY Michelle Russell November 30, 2017

A Highway of Broken Dishes

An initiative at Germany’s Maritim hotels turns broken dishes into asphalt — and that’s just the beginning.

BY Jasmine Zhu November 29, 2017

It’s Within Your Power to Help Stop Human Trafficking

Meeting planners are in a unique position to help identify and confront human trafficking.

BY Barbara Palmer November 28, 2017

People On The Move

Your colleagues are on the move. Find out who is going where.

November 27, 2017

How to Express Gratitude at Work 

Companies that cultivate gratitude have happier, more productive employees.

BY Barbara Palmer November 21, 2017

People On The Move

Your colleagues are on the move. Find out who is going where.

November 20, 2017

Zero Tolerance on the Show Floor

A recent post about a trade show in the print industry points out the need to make sure your exhibitors are on board with your event’s harassment policy.

BY Michelle Russell November 17, 2017

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