Webinar: Asia Pacific COVID-19 Outlook. Is the Worst Over?


As the infection and fatality rate of COVID19 continues to take its toll, countries in the Asia Pacific region have started to softly gain control over the outbreak. In this webinar, hear from Dr Leong Hoe Nam as he provides a situational update and a near-term outlook for the region. Following which, we consider how various cities have reacted to the pandemic and the measures put in place, as well as gathering insights into future opportunities and developments as we begin a drawn-out process towards full economic recovery.


Learner Outcomes:

  • Receive an update on the COVID19 situation within the Asia Pacific region
  • Understand the strategies and measures put in place by cities/destinations to overcome pandemic impacts
  • Explore how the industry is being reshaped as the region transition towards recovery


  • Duration: 01:06:14
  • Date: 04/22/2020

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