‘Open up to Innovation’

Adam Kingl, London Business School’s executive director of thought leadership, executive education, gives a preview of his talk at IMEX’s EduMonday PCMA Business School.

Is Facebook a Tech or Media Company?

We call it social media, but Facebook, currently under scrutiny for its role in the Cambridge Analytics data access scandal, calls itself a tech company. So, what’s the truth and what does it have to do with the business-events industry?

Case Study: Mystery at Atea City

A look at how brand-experience agency 6.sans won first place at Bea World Best Event Awards for its work with an IT company.

The Business of Events: Digitizing Your Event Data

Live events are a data goldmine that offer boundless sets of information — sessions attended, time spent at product booths, session feedback, appointments. Are you taking advantage of the attendee data at your fingertips?