DEI: Digital Events – How to Determine Your Needs

You’ve made the difficult decision to cancel a face-to-face event. Rather than dwell on the disappointment for the attendees, instead think about the possibilities of elements of the event that can still take place digitally. Download this resource to narrow down your search for the right digital event platform.

DEI: Taking My Event Online: Where Do I Start?

It can be a stressful task to create a digital event strategy with little to no experience with digital events or live streaming. Download this resource and you'll find guidance on key information to have ready for not only your team but potential digital event production platforms to move your meeting or event forward, quickly and efficiently.

DEI: Post-Event Reporting – Who Gets What?

Post event reporting can be complicated, especially when reporting to multiple stakeholder groups. As digital event producers, we need to report out event successes, failures and useful statistics to the right people. Download this resource now for examples of stakeholders groups and the reports that mean the most to each particular group.

Webinar: Keep the Conversation Flowing Into Your Next Event

In this webinar, we’ll examine an example of how using a specialty online platform in a creative way to further networking and session discussions beyond live event hours has shaped the attendee experience and exceeded expectations.

Webinar: Plan to Produce: Convening Leaders LIVE 2020 Sneak Preview

It’s that time of year; time to see what’s in store for the Convening Leaders live stream program! Join Caitlin O’Malley and Leslie Bailey from the PCMA Education team to discuss everything from the session agenda to engagement opportunities, the Mash up studio and much more.

Webinar: Neuroscaping your Event: How to Optimize Experiences with Science

How can the latest research in neuroscience, psychology and data sciences be used to improve engagement, connection and outcomes in event and experience design? This webinar will explore how Neuroscaping applies these scientific disciplines to optimize events, learning, and human interactions. Uncover why it is critical to approach events & communications with greater insight into the human mind.

Webinar: Moving Beyond Empathy through VR

Imagine the possibility of seeing the world through the eyes of a child, a woman or a disabled person. Join Dr. Courtney Cogburn as she navigates through the 1000 Cut Journey project in what could potentially be the key transformational tool of the future.

DEI: Tips to Increase Participation in Post-Event Surveys

Post-event data not only helps us to improve our events each year, but also provides us with insight into our customers' wants and needs. Download this content resource for tips on setting survey objectives, contructing questions and the ever-tricky incentive decision.