Webinar: Digital Event Strategist Course Online Open House

Learn more about the Digital Event Strategist online course. We’ll provide a snapshot of the DES online course and certification. The course is designed to help organizations develop a means to effectively plan, produce and measure the results of their digital engagement practices.

Webinar: Digital for Events (part 2)

Donny Neufuss and Sourabh Kothari share best practices of how organizations and industries are leveraging digital. They will show how digital is transforming the events industry and creating a more meaningful experience for the attendee, while providing desired results for the organizers.

Navigating the Cognitive Era

Trendspotter As technology transforms the workplace, human needs and preferences come to forefront. Picture this: a workplace embedded with smart sensors and speech recognition software that can not only transcribe meeting notes but also schedule conference calls and take care of routine emails. This soon could be a typical scenario. The offices of the future

5 Lessons About Intelligent Virtual Assistants at Events

Freeman XP

Event organizers have begun utilizing intelligent virtual assistants, like Amazon's Alexa, on-site to help attendees stay organized, learn new things, and even find the best cup of coffee. But optimizing this new responsive activation can be trickier than you think.

Look Smart

Will a clothing line that can track wearers have events industry applications?

Cvent’s CEO on the Future of Event Experience

Cvent wants to make it easier for meeting organizers to leverage the wide spectrum of data it collects on attendee behavior. The event tech company's CEO Reggie Aggarwal discusses how he plans on making that a reality.

Webinar: What is “Digital for Events”?

Donny Neufuss and Sourabh Kothari outline how event managers can get started with “digital” tools for events, dispel myths about digital, and remove barriers holding you back from delivering successful event experiences.