Project Management

Main Stage: Finding Opportunity in Change and Disruption

In this case study-rich session, Peter Sheahan will challenge you to find opportunity in this massive disruption. Wherever you sit within the business events value chain, it is crucial for you to leverage change and disruption to create more value because organizations don’t change, people do.

Medical Industry Maze: Reacting to Regulatory Changes

Government regulations, enforcement, privacy and compliance are among the leading issues in the medical meeting management process. This session goes beyond legal analysis to basic understanding of how to resource and react to change.

Why You Might Want to Revise Your To-Do Lists

If you keep yourself organized by checking off the tasks on a to-do list, you could be making your life more complicated. Follow these simple tips to help you set goals — and actually reach them.

GES Tackles Event Measurement With New Offering

GES has announced the launch of GES Measurement & Insight, solving a problem that has plagued the marketing industry for decades: how to holistically and accurately assess the impact of live events, activations, and exhibits.

A Surprise Approach to Networking

PCMA’s Convening Leaders used a Guinness World Record attempt to create a new way to bring attendees together to accomplish a goal.

Hubilo Launches New Event Networking Platform


Hubilo, a company that provides event software that enables organizers to create, promote, engage, and analyze their events and attendees, has launched a new event networking platform meant to optimize the way people connect and interact at events.