Big Trends Shaping the World Today: Economics, Technology and Geopolitics

Big Trends Shaping the World Today: Economics, Technology and Geopolitics

Our lives are being transformed in so many realms all at once – and it is dizzying. In this keynote, Thomas Friedman exposes the tectonic movements and accelerations that are reshaping the world today and will provide a blueprint to get the most out of them and cushion their impacts. You will never look at the world the same way after this.


Decoding the Keynote – Big Trends Shaping Business Events

Addressing key themes from Thomas Friedman’s Main Stage Keynote, our panel of senior leaders will unpack them at a localized level of politics, economics and sustainability, tying it back to what the business events industry can do to drive social and economic transformation given these projected scenarios.


Open Innovation for the Business Events Industry

The GCB German Convention Bureau, IMEX and PCMA have joined forces to provide the global business events community with the unique chance to innovate its own future. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to co-create the future of business events!


Navigating an Uncertain Present & Building for a Better Future

To live in the world today is to experience accelerating change and to watch a future we had scarcely imagined unfold at a pace we’ve never experienced. And to not only survive but thrive in this context, it’s not enough to simply know what’s coming. You have to understand how the pieces fit and how emerging risks, evolving possibilities, and proliferating connections open new opportunities for those who can imagine them. You’ll learn to spot weak signals, and how to capitalize on the change we are all experiencing by thinking beyond it. Because if you only set your sights on what’s coming next, you’re already too late. LEARNER OUTCOMES: Develop a foundational understanding of weak signals, their importance and how to spot them. Explore current and near-term future weak signals affecting your business. Develop a framework to determine when weak signals turn into strong signals.


Innovating Business Events – The Customer Perspective

Live communication as a vital part of corporate communication strategies is currently undergoing massive change – posing, at the same time, a huge challenge to suppliers and their market offers. The key to successful business events of the future thus lies in consistent customer centricity and a focus on their journey before, during and after business events. In this panel discussion, we hear from live communication and marketing executives about their path to innovation. LEARNER OUTCOMES: Learn what skills and competences are needed to meet future requirements and to innovate. Examine the future role of business events in the communications mix of organizations. Explore which sectors can help us evolve business events.


7 Change Actions: From ROI to ROE: Return on Events – How Business Events Impact Growth

Business events have a new definition: A gathering of people with shared interests who meet in the mediums where they are. Maybe it’s IRL (in real life), URL (digitally) or both, but people are still gathering and industry research is demonstrating that events are as important as ever. The PCMA Foundation research study, Beyond ROI to ROE, provides a new framework and toolkit to help business event professionals analyze, quantify, and report on the impact of events — with a novel approach that makes it possible to equally measure the countable metrics, and the magic that happens when we gather, whether it’s IRL or URL. LEARNER OUTCOMES: Explore this framework to generate new approaches and cross-functional conversations about event impact. Apply a toolkit for measuring how meetings and events impact growth. Walk away with a new perspective on why events create impact, and why events impact us.


Digital Experience Institute: It’s Alive! Building Engaged Digital Communities in 2021

In-person events create the opportunity to meet people in the hallway, sessions, or on the exhibit floor to connect with new, or reconnect with old, friends. These connections are kept alive by events bringing you back together and an occasional email exchange for most. Now, in a mostly digital world, how can these connections continue to thrive and build an even more connected community than ever before? Our expert will review how to create and maintain digital communities that are engaged with one another and your organization. LEARNER OUTCOMES: Examine tools available on digital platforms that enhance communication between participants. Explore topics and themes that drive participants to these engagement tools. Understand how to extend digital events throughout the year to keep communities engaged with your organization and one another.


Digital Experience Institute: It’s a Very Very Hybrid World

Hybrid events of the past typically broadcasted sessions on the in-person schedule, with filler content or “dead-air” breaks when the onsite schedule was not in session. Now the new meaning of hybrid is top of mind for the industry and the importance of engaging participants both onsite and online, giving them comparable meaningful experiences during the event, no matter the mode they choose. Participate in this session to hear about the fundamental mindset and skillset shifts that quickly became essential when designing and executing hybrid events. LEARNER OUTCOMES: Understand how to create customized event experiences for onsite and online audiences. Examine the elements of the current online platforms that can enhance an attendee’s experience. Change your way of thinking about designing and programming a hybrid event.


Digital Experience Institute: The Future is Hybrid: Understanding the Key Drivers to Effectively Navigate the New Normal

The world has changed and the effect on the live events industry has been forever tilted. Event professionals around the world are navigating uncharted terrain. In this session, we share insights gleaned from over 2,000 event professionals on the evolving state of meetings, the emerging shift to hybrid events and how one global organization is effectively adapting their event models. LEARNER OUTCOMES: Understand the key trends behind the emergence of hybrid events Identify the key drivers behind successful hybrid events How to effectively leverage variables behind the key drivers to maximize impact


Create Resilient, Competitive Business Models with Pattern Thinking

Regularly assessing and adapting your business models is essential to avoid disruptions in how you create, deliver and capture value. To do this effectively, you must understand business model building blocks and how to identify patterns so you can make strategic structural changes. Gennaro Cuofano will break down the key blocks and examples of how businesses have adjusted based on pattern thinking to achieve their desired outcomes. LEARNER OUTCOMES: Define the building blocks essential to business models. Understand which “blocks” undergo the biggest changes in an uncertain business climate. Identify what patterns of your business model to monitor and adjust for a particular outcome.


7 Change Actions: The Strategic Art of Virtual Connection

Knowing how to create authentic meaningful connection online is an essential leadership skill that is only growing in demand. A culture of connection catalyzes psychological safety and accelerates the collaborative potential of any group. In this interactive training, you will learn how to create a feeling of intimacy amongst participants, regardless of how little time or how many people you have. LEARNER OUTCOMES: Debunk myths and limiting beliefs about the quality of connection that is possible online. Learn principles that help groups open up and bond quickly, turning strangers into community within minutes. Have a direct experience of an interactive activity that you can use right away to create trust, rapport and belonging with your group.


Delivering Social Progress: How Associations are Evolving to Stay Relevant

LEARNER OUTCOMES: The changing role of associations and the direction for associations moving forward. How COVID-19 has emphasized the need for change and how associations can form relationships that benefit them The role of an association hub and how it can help associations expand their reach, harness knowledge and tap on resources from an established community. Case studies of associations around the world.

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