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remote work fomo

Working From Home: It’s Complicated

Remote workers historically have worked longer hours and gotten less recognition than their office-based colleagues. It doesn’t have to be that way, says an expert on organizational behavior.

Tom Norwalk

Visit Seattle’s Tom Norwalk Looks Back and Ahead

Visit Seattle’s president and CEO spoke with Convene shortly after he announced his retirement about his early days in the hospitality industry, how he never thought he would want to work for a CVB, and what he is most looking forward to — in his home city and in his retirement.

Sustainable Development Goals

Getting Serious About Sustainable Event Design

Event and experience designers have the opportunity to create an environment that is not only physically and emotionally transformative for attendees, but also has an impact on sustainability. Here’s how to start.

Uncovering the Hidden World of Fantastic Fungi

This virtual mycelium meeting is expected to draw mycophiles of all kinds to explore topics like health and wellness, authentic indigenous use of mushrooms, fungi food demos, and environment solutions.


DMOs Take on an Expanded Role

The pandemic has given CVBs a fresh opportunity to partner with economic development agencies to benefit their destinations in the short- and long-term.