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How Many Who Register Actually Attend Virtual Events?

Great news: The number of registrants to your upcoming online event has surpassed expectations. But, how many can you expect to actually attend? And how long will they stick with your program? Several members of the PCMA Catalyst Community shared their experiences.

Taking a Leap of Faith After a Job Loss

How one event professional who lost her job channeled her anger and grief into a podcast project designed to uplift others in the hospitality and business events industry — and made a possible career pivot.

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2 Formats That Foster Connection at Virtual Events

Now that experience designers have discovered the power of digital to assemble large audiences, engineering personal connection is next, says Storycraft Lab’s Naomi Clare, who has experimented with two formats to accomplish that.

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‘We Have Flown Away From Events and Landed Somewhere Else’

We have to stop thinking that we are creating online events, says event producer Heather Mason, and reimagine them as broadcasts. Having that mindset will not only change how the experience is delivered to an audience, it will make organizers far more valuable to their organizations.

4 Keys to Unlocking Digital Collaboration

Social connections, having the right tools, and mental and physical health all boost employees’ ability to work collaboratively. What could that mean for digital meetings?