The Business of Events 2024 – Day RELEARN– April 16, 2024

Day RELEARN– April 16, 2024

“Knowledge without application is like a book that is never read” – Christopher Crawford.

Just as Day UNLEARN (Day 1) serves as a wellspring of inspiration from leaders outside of the business events industry, DAY RELEARN is all about the practical application of knowledge. It’s where participants can drive significant Return on Investment from this educational event (other than our quality networking opportunities).

PCMA APAC is thrilled to activate our renowned Labs, where you can seamlessly merge your unlearning journey with resolving real pain points alongside your peers. Immerse yourself in credible insights and strategically plot your future course for your business.

About PCMA Labs

PCMA Labs is a sandbox for event organisers, marketers, event managers, and event strategists. Explore business events industry trends and pain points in a safe environment where you will be challenged to think out of the box, where the seemingly impossible may be possible with collective wisdom and action. Build trusted, peer-to-peer relationships and be part of a community that innovates and shapes the future of our industry. 

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9am to 10am|Plenary Keynote 

Relearn – Connecting the Dots

Join us for an electrifying session bridging the realms of unlearning and relearning. Drawing insights from Day UNLEARN, Dominic will ignite conversations among leaders and communities, unravelling the power of shedding preconceptions to pave the path for fresh understanding. Through engaging dialogue and thought-provoking exercises, participants will embark on a journey of discovery, readying their minds for the immersive experience of Relearning across 14 concurrent PCMA Labs. Get ready to connect the dots between old paradigms and new horizons, as we chart a course towards innovation, growth, and collective wisdom.

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Dominic Thurbon

10.30am to 12pm|Concurrent Workshop 1

Category: Presentation Skills
Mastering the Art of Persuasive Presentations

This workshop, “Mastering the Art of Persuasive Presentations,” is designed for professionals eager to enhance their presentation skills. Participants will learn to craft compelling narratives, design impactful visuals, and deliver with confidence and clarity. The session covers techniques for engaging diverse audiences, managing public speaking anxiety, and utilising storytelling for emotional connection. Attendees will participate in interactive exercises to practise these skills in real-time, receive personalised feedback, and learn from peer reviews. By the end of the workshop, participants will be equipped with the tools to deliver persuasive, memorable presentations in any professional setting.

Leanne Christie

10.30am to 12pm|Concurrent Workshop 2

Category: AI + Future Tech
Create an AI Leader Event: A Workshop for Business Events Managers

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a critical topic for leaders across all industries. This workshop is designed to empower business events managers with the knowledge and tools to create their own AI-focused events or workshops for leaders. Participants will learn how to design engaging and informative programs that not only demystify AI but also highlight its practical applications and ethical considerations in leadership.

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
1.Understand the key concepts and terminologies related to AI and its relevance to leadership.
2.Identify the essential components of an effective AI-focused event or workshop for leaders.
3.Develop a framework for creating engaging and educational AI content for their target audience.
4.Explore strategies for facilitating discussions on the ethical implications and future trends of AI in leadership.
5.Create a draft outline for their own AI Leader event or workshop.

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Scott Bales

10.30am to 12pm|Concurrent Workshop 3

Category: Future Talent
The Z Factor – How to lead Gen Z within your teams

This workshop provides actionable insights on understanding and engaging with Generation Z in the workplace. Participants will learn strategies for communication, mentorship and harnessing the unique strengths of this demographic. Through interactive discussion and case studies, participants will gain practical skills to foster inclusivity, innovation, and productivity within multi-generational teams. By the workshops end, participants will be equipped with tools to create environments where Gen Z’s perspectives are valued, leading to enhanced teamwork and organizational success.

Eileen Hair

Janene Wardrop

10.30am to 12pm|Concurrent Workshop 4

Category: Advancing Women in the Business Events Industry
Advancing Women in the Business Events Industry

“Advancing Women in the Business Events Industry” delves into how critical sponsorship is for professional women. It illuminates why sponsorship is pivotal for career growth, emphasising its significance in breaking barriers and fostering advancement. Attendees learn actionable strategies to identify suitable sponsors and cultivate relationships that propel their careers forward. The session provides practical insights on preparing to become an ideal sponsorship candidate, focusing on skills, visibility, and networking. Through interactive discussions and real- world examples, participants gain a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of sponsorship and how to leverage it effectively in navigating the corporate landscape. This session empowers women to seize opportunities and thrive in the business events industry.

Deborah Caldwell

Genevieve Lim

Michelle Mason

1pm to 2.30pm|Concurrent Workshop 5

Category: Experience Design
Rebooting Events with Data: Hands-On Event Design

Join us for an immersive workshop on Rebooting Events with Data: Hands-On Event Design. Explore the power of data in shaping unforgettable event experiences. Unlearn outdated practices, relearn innovative strategies, and gain hands-on skills to personalize events through data insights. Design the future of events with us!

Errol Lim

Qinxin Khoo

1pm to 2.30pm|Concurrent Workshop 6

Category: Experience Design
From traditional to transformational: event design for impact

Why is change needed? Because the needs of our attendees have changed, their expectations have changed, their reasons for attending your event over your competitors have changed and with it, we too must change.

But… change can be positive, and it can be done in stages that bring your organisation, association, attendees, members and suppliers on the journey with you.

In this 90-minute lab, we’ll:
• Delve into four key trends impacting event design.
• Provide you with take home tips that won’t break the budget.
• Immerse you in activated learning to experience the trends in real time.

This session will not just provide you with take-home knowledge you can use immediately but it will create memories, facilitate meaningful connections, and cater to how you like to learn. There’s a little something for everyone.

Paula Rowntree

Veemal Gungadin

Ong Wee Min

1pm to 2.30pm|Concurrent Workshop 7

Category: The Future of Events
The Future of Events Workshop

Get ready for an interactive and practical workshop featuring insightful discussions with industry leaders from Visa and Kyndryl. Join us for an engaging session where we’ll deep dive into some of the real-world challenges and opportunities shaping the future of events.

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, the events industry has undergone significant transformation, from the necessity of virtualization to the emergence of hybrid models that seamlessly integrate physical and digital elements for heightened engagement. Additionally, the industry faces mounting challenges, including the imperative for sustainable practices, the evolving talent landscape, and the introduction of Generative AI.

Listen as leading brands share first hand knowledge on how they’re rethinking event strategy and execution in the face of continual change.

Whether you’re a seasoned event professional or new to the industry, this workshop will offer valuable insights and actionable strategies to elevate your event experiences.

Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor

Karen McGregor

James Bennett

Sujoy Sen

1pm to 2.30pm|Concurrent Workshop 8

Category: Sustainability Practicalities
Sustainability Practicalities: Delivering High Value Sustainable Events

In this workshop, let’s relearn the crucial aspects of articulating the “why” and delivering the “how” for sustainable events. Understanding the importance of sustainability and using storytelling and storydoing to bring sustainable practices to life. Be energised and walk away with what you need to start today: strategic communication tools, inspirational case studies, creative ideas and action plan frameworks.

Cara Puah

Jing Wen Wong

Roger Simons

1pm to 2.30pm|Concurrent Workshop 9

Category: Experience Design
Reimagining Event Experiences: A Creative Practical Revolution

In this changing world, it is time to spark a creative revolution that reimagines the business event attendee experience. Our societies’ mindset change, our planet’s resources and the economic situation all require us to reassess and move forward. We will challenge together and rethink the art of designing valuable event experiences. The workshop serves as a catalyst for generating innovative thinking, encouraging participants to investigate the purpose of events, unconventional approaches, and techniques in their experience efforts for today’s audiences. You will learn tools to raise your events to unparallel levels of shared values, engagement, and immersion by combining theoretical insights with real-life examples from Asia, hands-on collaborative activities, and a practical framework. We will review what reality prevents event practitioners from adopting these tools. Embrace this opportunity to ignite your thinking and remain ahead of the curve. Join the movement that have an impact on future event experiences.

Beatrice Remy

3pm to 4.30pm|Concurrent Workshop 10

Category: Experience Design
Emotional Mastery: Designing Unforgettable Experiences

Unleash the power of emotions in experience design. Join us in this interactive workshop to discover the secrets of crafting unforgettable experiences that deeply resonate with your audience.

Explore the art of emotional mastery, leveraging neuroscience and storytelling to create maximum impact. Gain practical techniques to design immersive activations across various contexts. Elevate your approach to experience design, ignite emotions, and leave a lasting impression.

Get ready to captivate your audiences like never before.

Olinto Oliveira

3pm to 4.30pm|Concurrent Workshop 11

Category: AI + Future Tech
Beyond the Buzzword: AI for a Future-Ready Events Business

Join this session to cut through the noise around AI and better understand the technology’s emerging impact on events. We’ll have an open exchange on the latest applications of AI across event management and production. Discuss ways to accelerate innovation that elevates attendee experiences today while also future-proofing your events business. Discover strategies to mitigate potential risks and establish sound AI policies, leaving you equipped to develop a comprehensive AI roadmap.

Veemal Gungadin

Jonathan Easton

3pm to 4.30pm|Concurrent Workshop 12

Category: Sustainability Practicalities
The Regenerative Revolution. Redesigning, and Managing Thriving Events that are Future Fit

Science alerts us that to significantly slow down Climate Change we have to reduce carbon emissions by at least 50% by 2030 and to be net zero by 2050. This requires that the events sector radically rethinks, relearns and redesigns our business strategies to not only become more sustainable, but to regenerate our natural environments and communities, and to accelerate innovation.

In this dynamic, stimulating and fun workshop, we will inspire reflection and deep conversation about the regenerative strategies and pragmatic actions required to transform tomorrow’s events industry from one disrupted by a climate emergency and social change to a sector that creates a prosperous future for all, regenerating our shared nature and host communities.

Learn about the concept of Regenerative Business and how that differs from Sustainability. Learn a practical methodology called Hannuwa, that you can use to design and implement events that catalyse social, environmental and economic impact and leave a powerful legacy Take away different approaches and practical examples on how to scale up and speed up the implementation of your sustainable events strategy in the AP Region

Senior event professionals who have responsibility for organising and delivering events.

Guy Bigwood

Jessica Vandy

3pm to 4.30pm|Concurrent Workshop 13

Category: Experience Design
Making Sense of Your Event To Influence and Inspire

How do you make your event an event to remember? Tap into our five senses – the ultimate hack for creating social connections, absorbing and retaining information, stimulating ideas, providing comfort, reaching our potential and creating memories and recall.

In this workshop, we’ll look at how our very nature as sensory beings can be leveraged to enhance a business event experience that will influence and inspire. Incorporating sensory design in your event planning will change the way your guests experience, feel and remember your event, and this will set your event apart from the rest.

Georgie Stayches

3pm to 4.30pm|Concurrent Workshop 14

Category: Revenue Generation
Maximising Event Revenue: Strategies and Innovations

In today’s competitive market, Organising successful events is not just about outstanding content and seamless execution; it’s equally about Optimising revenue streams and ensuring financial sustainability. The “Maximising Event Revenue: Strategies and Innovations” session is designed for event Organiser, marketers, and financial planners looking to elevate their revenue generation techniques beyond traditional methods.

This comprehensive session will delve into the latest trends, tools, and strategies in event revenue generation, providing attendees with a holistic view of how to enhance profitability while delivering value to participants. From identifying untapped revenue sources to leveraging digital platforms for wider reach and impact, this session covers a range of topics critical for modern event success.

Ronald Lim

Deanna Varga

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