The Business of Events 2024 – UNLEARN – April 15, 2024

Day UNLEARN – April 15, 2024

The OECD forecasts that 1.1 billion jobs will face disruption in the next five years. In this transformative era, the success of the events industry will pivot on its most valuable asset: its people. Confronting the battle for talent, mastering hybrid work models, and effectively integrating generative AI are pivotal challenges. The cornerstone of our success will be rooted in cultivating a culture that prioritises learning and development. Our Day UNLEARN features three plenary sessions, offering a platform for diverse, people-centric conversations. These sessions will focus on the essential skill of unlearning, enabling us to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. Join us to embrace this journey of continuous growth and transformation. Day UNLEARN is your source of inspiration.

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9.13am to 10.13am | Plenary Keynote

The Future Thinkers
The Mercer Global Talent Trends 2022-2023 report unveils a striking insight: one in five employees are uncertain about the skills needed for career progression. This session probes into a paradox facing leaders – future talents exude confidence on social media yet often display reticence in workplace communication. We delve into understanding what these future talents desire, their thought processes, and the tools they embrace. The session will also explore strategies for managers to unlearn traditional approaches, enabling them to effectively tap into and unleash the potential of this emerging workforce, fostering a more dynamic and innovative work environment.

Evangeline Leong

11.12am to 12.26pm | Plenary Keynote

The Future of Middle Managers
A Gallup study revealed that middle managers account for 70% of team engagement variance. These individuals, often considered as influencers and shapers of organisational culture, play a pivotal role in the evolving workforce. Known as the “doers” and reliable pillars in stressful times, their significance is undeniable. However, there’s a need to question if leaders fully grasp the challenges middle managers face. This session aims to shed light on tackling these pain points through unlearning and offer strategies to optimise middle management performance, thereby enhancing overall organisational effectiveness.

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Sally Foley-Lewis

1.56pm to 2.52pm | Concurrent breakout 1

Bridging Generations: Millennials as the Next-Gen Talent Medium
This session delves into the pivotal role of Millennials as the intermediary between Gen X and Gen Z in the workplace. Amidst evolving dynamics, Millennials have transitioned into significant roles, embracing major life milestones such as homeownership and starting families. Over the past five years, their professional and personal growth has equipped them to bridge the communication and cultural gaps between the different generations. Our speakers will explore their own unique journey as Millennials, highlighting how they have managed to uphold their initial career aspirations while adapting to new responsibilities and realities, thereby shaping the future of collaborative, multi-generational teams.

Christian Fernandez 

Kiat Chua

Petrina Goh

Janene Wardrop

1.56pm to 2.52pm | Concurrent breakout 2

State of Play – Business Models for The Business Events Industry
“State of Play: Business Models for The Business Events Industry” invites participants on an unlearning journey, challenging traditional paradigms in light of post-COVID realities. Explore how the industry’s upheaval necessitates shedding ineffective strategies and embracing new approaches. Delve into the tumultuous pandemic period, where adaptability became paramount for survival. Witness the resurgence of business demands and the emergence of sustainable, profitable models amid talent shortages and rising costs. Engage in candid discussions on unlearning entrenched norms, fostering agility and innovation. Discover how reimagined frameworks accommodate evolving consumer behaviours and industry dynamics. Embark on a transformative journey to reshape business paradigms, ensuring resilience and relevance in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Lisa Hopkins

Sanjay Seth

1.56pm to 2.52pm | Concurrent breakout 3

The Future of Events
Join Ben for an enlightening exploration of the transformative forces reshaping the events industry. From traditional gatherings to immersive virtual experiences, he’ll unravel some of the latest trends and technologies revolutionizing the event landscape. In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, the events industry has undergone significant transformation, from the necessity of virtualization to the emergence of hybrid models that seamlessly integrate physical and digital elements for heightened engagement. Additionally, the industry faces mounting challenges, including the imperative for sustainable practices, the evolving talent landscape, and the introduction of Generative AI. Don’t miss this opportunity to future-proof your event strategies and stay ahead of the curve.

Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor

1.56pm to 2.52pm | Concurrent breakout 4

The Mindset for Innovation
This enlightening conversation offers a global overview of the innovative strides made by event professionals and industry products and services in response to the challenges exacerbated by COVID-19, talent crunch and economic instability. It will delve into various observations and critical lessons learnt from the implementation of new innovations. Participants will gain insight into the mindset of innovators who have navigated through unprecedented times, highlighting how they summoned courage, crafted effective communication strategies, and secured buy-in from stakeholders and customers. This discussion aims to inspire and equip professionals with the mindset and tools necessary for fostering innovation in their own contexts.

Leonard Hoops

Ong Wee Min

Peter J O’Neil

El Kwang

2.52pm to 3.52pm | Plenary Keynote

The Future of Risk-Driven Leadership
Netflix Executive Chairman Reed Hastings once said that the streaming service wasn’t cancelling enough new shows, highlighting a crucial aspect of organisational agility: embracing risk as a path to innovation. This session will focus on how leaders use calculated risks to adapt in an unpredictable economy. We’ll explore their strategies for communicating and engaging, with both internal and external stakeholders to drive sustainable growth and innovation. Additionally, we will delve into the journey of unlearning – the process of shedding old paradigms to embrace new, more effective approaches in business management and decision-making.

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Scott Bales

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