Webinar: Scheduling Site Visits That Are Worth the Trip

For some a necessary evil, for others an adventure; site inspections are an essential component of strategic planning. Learn how to defend the importance of live site visits when told online research is sufficient, how to effectively plan them and three things to do that you’re probably overlooking.

Webinar: Designing Unforgettable Experiences with Empathy

Through techniques like In-Depth Interviews (IDI) we can learn how participants feel about the events we are designing so we can better connect our events to potential participants, sponsors, and vendors, participants, sponsors, and vendors.

Webinar: 30 Revenue-Generating Ideas in 40 Minutes

Join us for a fast-paced dive into 30 great revenue-generating ideas for your meetings. Whether it’s a completely new concept, or an update to an old favorite, you’ll find something here you can quickly implement and cash in on.

Webinar: Generating Year-Round Revenue with Video

Event planning is a difficult task, there are so many moving parts to consider. Shane Tracy from Mediasite Events will discuss the strategies you’ll need to leverage the treasure trove of video to generate revenue year-round.

Webinar: Best Practices, Tools, and Resources to Stop Room Block Poaching

In a survey of 622 meeting professionals representing a diverse cross section of the industry, room block sizes and room rates, the Events Industry Council (EIC) found 73.1% of respondents had events or meetings targeted by piracy or poaching. This webinar will provide you with resources to aid meeting professionals in managing room blocks poaching.