Make Smart Noise to Build a Viral Brand

This video of the mainstage session of the Asia Pacific Annual Conference explores keys to creating content that counts to keep new audiences coming back for more.

Using Data to Create Deeper Interactions (PCMAAC18 Session)

Aggregating data sources and their analytic insights can pinpoint the most effective ways to engage with your target audience personas. This session will explore how you can extract the right data to create more impactful live experiences.

Big Data, Big Responsibility

Pico Pixel Managing Director Selene Chin explains how to effectively — and ethically — gather information at events.

The Digital Event Strategist’s Guide to GDPR Compliance

This webinar explores, what you need to know as a digital event producer to stay in compliance with GDPR regulations. This webinar will cover how to: Develop a Data Protection Strategy that is aligned to the GDPR and appropriate to your digital event; Identify the key deliverables including policies and procedures that your team needs to comply with the GDPR; Recognize your online participants’ personal data and identify where and how you or your event technology providers collect, create, store, use, transfer and eliminate that data.