The Digital Event Strategist’s Guide to GDPR Compliance

This webinar explores, what you need to know as a digital event producer to stay in compliance with GDPR regulations. This webinar will cover how to: Develop a Data Protection Strategy that is aligned to the GDPR and appropriate to your digital event; Identify the key deliverables including policies and procedures that your team needs to comply with the GDPR; Recognize your online participants’ personal data and identify where and how you or your event technology providers collect, create, store, use, transfer and eliminate that data.

In Search of ‘That Magical ROI’

A new white paper offers real-life examples of how medical meeting organizers have demonstrated the value of participating in their event to exhibitors.

Event ROI

How can associations track and measure outcomes?

Cyber Security Is Now a Bigger Threat

As event planners, we accumulate masses of sensitive data every time we hold an event. And as the industry becomes increasingly digital, with more and more data gathered by smart gadgets and event apps, how can we safeguard events against a data breach?

Data Privacy and Protection

The new GDPR data regulations will be enacted in May 2018 to protect from privacy and data breaches. Any organisation that holds data of European customer are subject to these regulations. Learn what you should do and how your organisation can be compliant. Hear tips from data intelligence and risk management professionals on how to ensure your participant data is protected so you're not tomorrow's headline.