Scott Collinsworth | PCMA Member Spotlight

Get to know PCMA Member Scott Collinsworth, Senior Director of Business Development

How has your career developed as a result of being a PCMA member? Highlight specific resources and benefits that have helped you achieve your goals.

Knowing what you want out of your membership before you start your journey will certainly help when measuring your success. A good friend who referred me to PCMA told me, “You will get out what you put in.” Having relocated from a different part of the country, I was eager to establish my professional network. I soon discovered that the key to my professional growth lay in dedicating time to a professional association. PCMA turned out to be the perfect match for me. While I did manage to build the foundational network I was aiming for, it wasn’t an overnight success; this is a commitment that requires sustained involvement over time.

Why would you tell others it’s important to be involved in PCMA?

Choosing to become a member of PCMA marked the beginning of my advancement in professional growth. Yet the most significant benefits emerged through my initial engagement at the chapter level, and later at the national level as I became more active. The experience is truly reciprocal; what you invest is what you’ll gain. The choice is yours.

What first led you to becoming involved with PCMA?

I initially joined the Rocky Mountain Chapter of PCMA 18 years ago with the goal of expanding my professional network. After exploring multiple professional associations, I chose to deepen my involvement with PCMA due to its excellent mix of high-quality educational programs and a rich community of like-minded professionals.​

What do you like to do in your free time?

One of the many advantages of living in Denver is that it gives me the chance to experience live music at one of the world’s most stunning and unique outdoor venues—Red Rocks. I’m a passionate fan of live music. Whenever the beautiful Colorado weather allows, I jump on the opportunity to spend an evening under the stars, soaking in incredible music.

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