Bianca Ferrer | PCMA Member Spotlight

Get to know PCMA Member Bianca Ferrer, Creative Director, Executive Producer + Founder, B+L Creative Group

How has your career developed as a result of being a PCMA member? Highlight specific resources and benefits that have helped you achieve your goals.

The ‘20 in Their Twenties’ program launched an entire new direction in my career. I gained access to PCMA, a group of lifelong friends, and a new mentoring relationship that was critical to my decision to begin a path of entrepreneurship in events as an independent Business Events Strategist.

I have gained and grown immensely with PCMA. I have gained support in shaping my career vision through the ‘20 in Their Twenties’ program, growth in leadership capacity through volunteerism in participating in committees, such as the scholarship and membership committees, and I gained a springboard to the next level as a Board Director.

Additionally, PCMA Convene and PCMA research are treasure troves when it comes to keeping a pulse on the current and future state of event innovation. I have also greatly benefitted from engaging with PCMA Circles, where I have participated in a small group format for comradery, consulting on business strategy and more.

Why would you tell others it’s important to be involved in PCMA?

Involvement with PCMA means expanding your world and reach in the world of business events. PCMA provides exposure to a vast network, events, and offerings that are a nesting ground for meaningful investment in oneself and career. PCMA is the place to connect with global destinations, suppliers across the events spectrum, and other like-minded event professionals.

PCMA Convening Leaders is THE leading events conference. It’s the perfect way to start your year at peak inspiration. PCMA enforces the message that business events are at the intersection of culture and commerce – and that in itself is an avenue for understanding the value and impact of what you do – and others who are working alongside you. I encourage all up-and-coming leaders to consider applying for PCMA scholarships and to the ‘20 in Their Twenties’ program. The process in itself is an investment in yourself and your future.

What first led you to becoming involved with PCMA?

I joined PCMA through a scholarship as an honoree of the ‘20 in Their Twenties’ program in 2016. Since then, my membership with PCMA and attendance to PCMA Convening Leaders are a key ingredient to my work life and have helped enrich my personal life. In 2020, I became a PCMA Board Director where I proudly contributed to PCMA’s international growth, and business strategy alongside incredible global leaders across the business events spectrum.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy deepening my yoga practice in my free time and spending quality time with my 2.5-year- old, Lucas, and my family. My partner Luke and I enjoy immersing ourselves in the vibrant Houston culture by spending time in our parks, attending and supporting the visual and performing arts, and diving into the culinary scene. We live near an outdoor live music venue that gives us exposure to up-and-coming musicians that we enjoy, while entertaining or sitting by the fire in our backyard. One of my favorite seasons is Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo season, and I go as often as I can each year.

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