Desiree Bryant, CMP, DES | PCMA Member Spotlight

Get to know PCMA Member Desiree Bryant, CMP, DES, Director of Meetings, Renal Physicians Association

How has your career developed as a result of being a PCMA member? Highlight specific resources and benefits that have helped you achieve your goals.

Being a member of PCMA gave me access to top notch education, resources, and networking. Being a member is what led me to get my CMP and my DES certifications, and as a result, it’s made me a better planner. During the pandemic, when everything went virtual, that was new to me. PCMA had the DES course and I immediately signed up to help me navigate this new way of meeting. I truly believe it was instrumental in allowing me to produce a successful virtual meeting. I’ve found mentors as a member of PCMA that I call on regularly. There are unique challenges that I deal with being a medical association planner. Being part of PCMA’s medical event organizers group has been an awesome resource for me to connect with planners dealing with the same issues and discover new ideas on how to do my job better.

Why would you tell others it’s important to be involved in PCMA?

Education. Networking. Professional Development. PCMA has these in spades, and it will only make you better.

What first led you to becoming involved with PCMA?

When I attended my first PCMA annual conference 20+ years ago, I met a lot of great people who were members of PCMA. They encouraged me to get involved – so I did. I enjoyed the relationships I was building, the education I was receiving, and I just found PCMA to be invaluable to my professional development.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Spending time with friends and family. I know that sounds so cliche but the times we are living in can be heavy and my friends and family are what makes it lighter. I also love watching Romcoms, reading Romcoms – I guess I’m just a hopeless romantic! I also enjoy watching period pieces. Currently, I’m loving The Guilded Age – it is fabulous! And with the holiday season upon us, you can bet I’ll be watching all the Christmas shows and movies. And yes, they all end the same and that’s what I love about them :-).

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