Putting Health and Well-Being Front and Centre


Attending my 8th consecutive Convening Leaders this year has, as events in January tend to do, reminded me that I must redouble my efforts in putting my own health and well-being more ‘front and centre’ of my travel plans over the next 12 months. I know it’s a cliché to go with the ‘new year new you’ maxim but it’s also a timely reminder to think through the demands that a busy life can make on you.

Having space to think is one of the most positive things about spending time on a plane for me these days. In my newly appointed role as a PCMA Board Director, I am preparing for a very busy three years of international travel, so my time spent in the air will be especially valuable. I regard air travel to be one of the last bastions of ‘privacy’ and I use it to either read and digest documents, reflect or just relax.

Like my good friend, and PCMA legend, Klaus Span from IBM, always says, we can have what seems to be an attractive and glamorous lifestyle (I last saw Klaus in Monaco), but, Klaus’ recent health scare has taught me, we need to focus on our own health. When we’re away from home it’s easy to let others dictate what we eat and when we sleep and undoubtedly harder to resist the good habits that New Years’ resolutions are trying to encourage. “

Neil Brownlee, Head of Business Events, Visit Scotland

However, with what I’ve seen so far at Convening Leaders with its enthusiasm for healthy meetings; the 5k ‘Nash Dash’ and most importantly, the sheer ‘feel good’ factor I’ve experienced in just 48 hours, those resolutions feel a great deal better already.

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