Your playbook to improving accessibility at business events.

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Taking your attendees’ accessibility needs into account when designing and producing business events isn’t only the right thing to do, it also can help you reach 20% more attendees and achieve 30% higher profit margins. 

By intentionally planning a fully accessible event, you accommodate those with visible or known disabilities, and also consider individuals across a spectrum of health, age, and other conditions. This allows all to participate in and enjoy your event equally—a win-win for you and your attendees. 

PCMA’s Accessibility Considerations for Event Planning Certificate course will demonstrate how to better engage all audiences and drive business event performance by planning with accessibility in mind. You’ll get training developed with your needs as an event professional in mind, and learn how to create accessible touchpoints during all phases of your event. 

Deliver more value to all your audiences, boost your bottom line, and set yourself and your organization apart as change agents for accessibility. 


  • Highly relevant training in less than three hours  
  • On-demand, self-paced content and resources 
  • 2 hours of video learning content  
  • Quizzes for practical learning  
  • Education developed by leading accessibility experts  
  • Access on desktop and mobile devices 
  • Certificate of Course Completion 


  • Understand the importance of accessibility and the ways it can benefit all individuals, particularly those with disabilities 
  • How to design and produce in-person, digital and hybrid events to be accessible for all audiences 
  • Key tools and technologies to assist in providing accessible event solutions  
  • Quick tips and watch outs when planning an event  


Accessibility Awareness 

Laws Relating to Events  

Video Meetings and Virtual Events 

In-Person Events 

Accessible Presentations 

Inclusion and Diversity 

Landing Pages and Social Media 

Personal Journeys and Testimonials from experts with disabilities 

Dennis Lembree 

Director of Accessibility, Diamond

Meryl Evans 

Accessibility and Marketing Specialist and Trainer, Diamond

Michael Mistak

Accessibility Manager, Diamond

Dis Rojanasopondist  

Account Manager, Diamond


On-Demand Webinars & Free Resources

$85 for PCMA members

$295 for groups of three or more. Inquire below.

A: You will receive a Certificate of Completion upon the completion of the required quizzes.

A: This course is designed for anyone interested in improving accessibility for their in-person, digital, or hybrid events. This includes event planners, event organizers, meeting planners, corporate event planners, B2B and B2C and includes sales, communication leaders, marketing content and operations professionals, globally.

A: Yes, following enrollment in the Accessibility Considerations for Event Planning Certificate course, you will be able to access all lesson content via your My Purchases page. All lesson content will be available on-demand for you to complete at your own convenience.

A: The modules vary in the number of hours required for completion. Overall, you will need approximately 2 hours to review the video content, and at least 1 hour to work on the quizzes and materials. The total number of hours varies depending on how much time you choose to spend on the additional coursework materials.

A: You will continue to have access to the course content for 365 days.

A: There is no final exam for the course although completion of the required quizzes is required.

A: You can email [email protected] and you can expect a response within 2 business days.

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