Lyn Lewis-Smith Is Playing the Long Game


The power of meetings often extends beyond economic outcomes. The results of a recent study conducted by Business Events Sydney (BESydney) and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) into the long-term impact of business events have demonstrated to BESydney CEO Lyn Lewis-Smith that conferences help drive social change.

“I love that we work in an industry that can have such a huge impact in so many areas,” she said. “Not only do international business events drive trade and investment and attract global talent, in the longer term, they often lead to breakthroughs that save lives, change society, or redefine policy and best practice.”

The research includes stories from Nobel Laureates and Australian luminaries such as Professor Ian Frazer, who talks about the role conferences played in his discovery of the HPV vaccine, which is preventing millions of women from getting HPV-related cancer.

“These stories show why it’s vital to take the long view when thinking about conferences,” Lewis-Smith said, “and the impact they have.”

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