Fueled by the Foundation: Boosting Business Events in Malaysia

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Get to know one of the members of the 2018 Class of 20 in Their Twenties. She’s a rising star in the events industry who is developing relationships that will help build a sustainable business-events industry in her home country.

Chloe Lai Hsu Huei

The rising stars who receive PCMA’s 20 in Their Twenties honors are the game-changers and difference-makers who will shape the next generation of attendee engagement. As the PCMA Education Foundation aims to accelerate the trajectories of the most promising minds in the business events industry, PCMA’s editorial team caught up with one of the members of the 2018 class. Get to know Chloe Lai Hsu Huei, a medical conference producer at Medical Conference Partners in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

What do you like most about your job?
I love connecting people together. My role as the middle person allows me to communicate with all the different parties involved in making a conference happen, from the committee, convention bureau, vendors, and venue officials, to the suppliers, speakers, and delegates. Through this, new professional relationships can be built for future endeavors, and this could very well have a significant impact on our industry here in Malaysia.

What’s the best day you’ve had in the meetings industry so far?
It is great to have successfully organized a conference with my team members and take it beyond the client’s expectation. I can’t pinpoint specific moments, but there have been many that have a wow effect on the client. It’s a small gesture to add a personal touch to a situation, but it’s these things that show a client how dedicated you are to your role and profession.

Being the only Asian who won this PCMA award puts into perspective how dedication and effort can make an impact. Client testimonials and supportive feedback from team members were what pushed my nomination through. When you know that clients appreciate your help and team members appreciate your guidance, it pushes you to strive for excellence.

Where would you like your career to go?
Short-term goal: I would like to experience working on conferences abroad to gain more knowledge and learn about different strategies and gain insight into the global approach of organizing conferences. One thing I’ve learned from this industry is that exposure is everything. When thrown into a situation, you learn a lot about yourself, but more than that, you learn about others and their point of view. As professional as the conference industry is considered, it is still a people business, and that is what I want to tap into.

Long-term goal: I hope to bid for more international conferences to be held in Malaysia, promoting my country as a destination with rich culture and unique scenery for international delegates. This enables us to work hand-in hand with industry players such as convention bureaus, vendors, suppliers, and venue officials to boost the local economy and create more job opportunities for our local community. I would also hope to guide, train up, and share my knowledge with young talents who are interested in business-oriented events. By this way of encouragement, I hope to contribute to a sustainable business-events industry in Malaysia.

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