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Planning For Inclusion: Enlightening Viewpoints

February 24, 2022 @ 1:00 pm2:30 pm UTC-8


In this enlightening educational program, our virtual panelists will share their personal stories about the challenges they have and currently encounter while attending events. Through these diverse viewpoints, we will gain in invaluable insights about how to design our programs through a more inclusive lens.

Join this candid panel discussion and Q&A, and as a community, let’s work together to ensure all event attendees feel welcome and safe, regardless of their visible or invisible obstacles.

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Name: Lindsay “Lu” Ess
Preferred pronoun: She
Bio: Lindsay is a VCU Fashion Graduate, Event Producer, Former President of TeamSAR, an adaptive Athlete Non-Profit (8 years).

Name: Michael-Birch Pierce
Preferred pronouns: they/them/theirs
Bio: Michael-Birch Pierce is a fiber artist and fashion designer. They received a B.F.A. in fashion design from VCU where they now teach Fashion Design and Arts Foundation. They also studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design for an M.F.A. in fibers with a focus on embroidery and embellishment. Pierce has interned for Diane von Furstenberg, embroidered Christmas decorations for the Obama White House, and designed an exclusive collection for Levi’s. They have completed artist residencies in Hong Kong and Lacoste, France and exhibited in numerous galleries and museums both domestically and abroad. They have performed their embroidered portraits at Oscar and Super Bowl events, Design/Miami, and SXSW, and worked with clients such as Visa, Target, Amazon, Delta, NBCUniversal, and Airbnb.

Name: Ronald Young Jr.
Preferred pronouns: he/him/his
Bio: Ronald is an audio producer and storyteller based in Alexandria, VA. He hosts the Pushkin podcast Solvable where he interviews guests who are working to solve the world’s most pressing issues. He is also Senior Producer and Owner of ohitsBigRon studios, home to the critically acclaimed and award-winning Time Well Spent, and the movie review podcast, Leaving the Theater, both of which he also hosts. An avid pop-culture enthusiast, Ronald is a frequent contributor to NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour, as well as WAMU’s 1A. Passionate about social justice and equity, Ronald is always excited to tell the untold stories of the black community, and he was honored to work as Associate Producer on Seizing Freedom. Ronald’s work brings you facts and commentary blended with wit and humor. He enlivens stories bringing them from the page and our memories to the ears of listeners everywhere.

Name: Jessica Williams
Preferred pronouns: she/her/hers
Bio: Jessica Williams is an events professional with 10+ years in the non-profit sector. Her work has focused on designing gatherings and providing space that build community and catalyze change. As a legally blind professional, she is driven by her passion for guiding people to realize the power behind inclusion and value of people with disabilities.

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