DEI Spotlight: Using Digital Strategies to Drive Results for Small Businesses

Author: David McMillin       

As the DES acronym appears in more places around the world, the program’s second graduate from Italy shares her hopes for leveraging digital technologies to uncover big opportunities for small businesses.

Silvia Ferrari may be early in her event management career, but she has big plans for the future—both hers and of the industry in Italy. She wants to become a change agent for small businesses and help them devise digital strategies. Currently a Masters student in Strategic Event Manage-ment and Tourism Management at SKEMA Business School, Ferrari serves as an event manager intern at Amandaeventz in Milan. She’s only the second graduate of the DES certification program from Italy.

What prompted you to pursue DES certification?
Beyond my personal interest in innovation and technologies in events, fellow Masters student and digital strategist Xochitl Ledesma recommended taking the DES course. It was worth following her advice.

How do you hope to use digital and hybrid events?
As a newbie in the field, I am planning to sensitize Italian event organizers I am working with to the benefits of using technologies. Italy has developed and improved its Networked Readiness Index ranking, reaching the position 45 out of 139 globally in 2016. But I believe only the biggest players in the industry are adopting digital tools. I hope to create value for smaller businesses with digital strategies.

How has the DES certification helped you?
It allowed me to learn more about the strategic steps to take and host a successful digital event — to know more concretely about engaging content, production, and aspects to consider when creating a revenue strategy.

How do you see this space evolving globally or in a specific region?
Digital events are growing and more vendors, start-ups, and service providers are appearing on the market. Teleconferencing is reaching a level of reality that is impressive, thanks to the development of 3D-event experiences that resemble face-to-face live meetings. However, digital events still will be complementary to live events and not substitutes.

What are the greatest opportunities for organizations in the digital space?
“Getting digital” is an opportunity for organizations to become competitive and different, to always be on top of the wave of change.

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