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Travel Truths for Business Events Corporate Incentive Travel

The Melbourne Convention Bureau (MCB) partnered with PCMA Education Foundation to commission a research project to help APAC region meeting planners understand what is driving this expanding CIT market, which favors travel over financial incentives to motivate and reward high-performing staff and Millennials.

DEI: 5 Categories of Technology Solutions

Use this resource for tips to research the right technology solution for your digital events. The perfect technology fit should include all of your event participants’ wants, needs and collect the exact data to improve your future digital events.

DEI: 3 Steps to Designing Breakout Sessions

Developing content sessions and specific topics can be complicated. Following this three-step process for designing breakout sessions removes the complication and sparks the inspiration!

DEI: Choosing Digital Streaming Technology – 3 Ways of Distributing

The request for proposal (RFP) process can be lengthy and complicated. There are many options and you want to choose the right fit for your organization. This resource can provide 3 options of of how to obtain the vendor information you need to make your decision.

2018 Education Conference Key Takeaways

The Education Conference Content Committee and PCMA staff combined their notes on the key insights they learned at the conference, along with the actions they planned to take back in the office.

PCMA Convene Quiz: Are you a “workaholic”?

Studies have suggested about 10 percent of the average population are workaholics. Depending on the context, the term "workaholic" can have many connotations. While some proudly identify as being a workaholic and equate the designation with a solid work ethic, others may view the term negatively as it may indicate prioritizing work above all else. Take this quick quiz to see which camp you fall into and learn why both sides may be right.

2018 PCMA Convene Salary Survey

Nearly three-quarters of event organizers received a raise over the past year — and their average increase of nearly 7 percent is more than twice the average for North American workers across all industries. But it’s not like they didn’t work for it.