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7 Change Actions: Module 4: Humanity

7 Change Actions: 10 Inspired Examples of Human Centered Marketing

In this free resource taken directly from the 7 Change Actions learning experience, we'll look into human-centered marketing, why we need it, and a few diverse examples of how companies demonstrate human-centric marketing including IKEA, Burger King, American Express, and Chipotle.

World of Concrete 2021

Planners and Suppliers Focus Reskilling Efforts on New Business Models

In the latest Business Events Recovery Dashboard, planners and suppliers are divided on whether the recent CDC guidance on vaccinated people going mask-free will result in higher attendance at in-person events. But they are both focusing their efforts on creating new business models that work in the current events environment.

7 Change Actions: The Commoditization of CX

Most companies may claim that they are different from the pack, that their value proposition is unique, that they use different technology, have a unique insight into their consumers, or have a specialized team that can better synthesize all of these inputs and arrives at a superior CX. However, we must ask ourselves if that is in fact true – and what needs to be done in order to create a differentiated consumer experience.

Singapore CL

PCMA APAC Survey Results: Business Events Recovery to Start Locally

Nearly one-third of business events professionals doing business in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia said that they are unable to estimate in-person registration numbers for an event this year until they get closer to its planned date — and more than one-third are making the go/no-go decision on an in-person event in 2021 within two months of the event date.

Speaker Agreement Template for Digital and Hybrid Events

Let PCMA’s speaker agreement template be your guide. Download our fillable speaker agreement template. Fill it out with your organization’s and speaker’s information, or incorporate it into your existing template. 

What Would Gen Z Change About Events?

The results of a recent PCMA survey of the next generation of attendees reveal what they like about business events and how they would like to interact with them going forward.