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PCMA Convene Quiz: Are you a “workaholic”?

Studies have suggested about 10 percent of the average population are workaholics. Depending on the context, the term "workaholic" can have many connotations. While some proudly identify as being a workaholic and equate the designation with a solid work ethic, others may view the term negatively as it may indicate prioritizing work above all else. Take this quick quiz to see which camp you fall into and learn why both sides may be right.

2018 PCMA Convene Salary Survey

Nearly three-quarters of event organizers received a raise over the past year — and their average increase of nearly 7 percent is more than twice the average for North American workers across all industries. But it’s not like they didn’t work for it.

Guide to Creating a Mentoring Program

This guide will give you an idea of how the Award winning mentor program was created and how you can use that program as a blueprint to creating a Mentoring program with in your association or company. Each organization will have different needs and no two mentoring programs will look the same. But this tool will help you to figure out how to create the program that works for you and give you specific examples from past organizations.

Risk Management Plan Template

Do you have a comprehensive emergency management plan in the event of an emergency at your meeting or event? Download this complimentary document to use as a template to help you build out a plan and work with your own advisors to provide guidance and information to staff with the steps to follow in case

Cyber Security And Your Event

This guide serves as a companion to the Cyber Security Checklist for Event Professionals and offers rationale behind cyber security services to be offered at events.

Cyber Security Checklist for Event Professionals

Gone are the days of relying solely upon physical security teams to ensure the safety of attendees at conferences, meetings, and events. This document contains a comprehensive checklist for event professionals as they incorporate cyber security into their conferences, meetings, and events.