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events industry survey

Scrubbing ‘Cannibalize’ From Our Industry Vernacular

The results of the latest COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard survey show that both planners and suppliers increasingly see a future where small groups meet in person and a much larger audience experiences the event online — and the two complement each other.

Focus on APAC: COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard

In what is the largest business events industry survey conducted for the APAC region to date, 531 event industry professionals — 342 planners and 189 suppliers — participated in the latest PCMA survey.

The Future of Live Events (White Paper)

What impact will COVID-19 have on live events? How will business event professionals ensure the safety of their participants? In conversations with dozens of organizers, PCMA found the events industry may have more challenges than solutions. However, there may be an opportunity to breathe new life into future events by increasing contract flexibility and verbiage, exploring hybrid event options, and the elimination of communal F&B setups.

salary survey

Convene Salary Survey 2020: Before COVID-19

The picture of a vibrant, healthy business events industry portrayed by more than 600 respondents to this year's survey before COVID-19 stands in stark relief to the uncertain reality many currently face. The results serve as a kind of optimistic benchmark: a level to return to as the industry resets and recovers.

Transform Your Team for Digital Events

The demand for digital events is higher than ever — and so is the pressure to get them just right. Here's how your existing team can use their knowledge and skills to pivot to a virtual experience: