A Deeper Dive Into our Salary Survey Data

Here’s a closer look at who responded — according to their professional roles — to Convene’s 2023 Salary Survey.

Authors: Magdalina Atanassova       
Michelle Russell       

We’ve had a few questions about Convene’s recently published Salary Survey results. Some of the salary averages raised a few eyebrows — like why did CEO respondents earn less than VPs? Answer: We had a very small number of CEOs participate and two of them work part-time, so that skewed the results.

We’re taking this opportunity to slice and dice our data so you can get a better picture of who participated according to their roles, which may help in better understanding compensation levels. In addition, it’s a chance for us to point out that there are two instances in the survey results where average salaries were incorrectly specified as being for U.S.-based respondents — all averages in the survey are drawn from North American–based survey takers.

We plan on recording a podcast that further explores the results of our Salary Survey. If you have any questions about our data that you’d like us to address in that episode, please let us know.

By The Numbers

  • 70 are Executives — 11 don’t have a designation; only 10 are in their 60s; 22 of those execs work for companies that are 101+ people; only 6 of those people have salaries under $100K; 29 work 51+ hours a week; only 5 don’t supervise staff; only 2 identify as independent meeting planners (they both have salaries that are more than $100K)
  • 11 are CEOs — 6 have no designations; 7 identify as independent meeting planners and only 1 runs organizations with 20-50 employees; 5 are 60+, 4 are in their 50s, and 2 are in their 40s; 4 said their salary is under $100K and there are 2 whose salary is under $30K who work part time (one is 60+ and the other one is in their 50s); 5 don’t supervise staff
  • 227 are Directors — 56 don’t have a designation; 81 work for organizations that employ more than 101+ people; 26 are 60+ and 1 is under 30, 42 are in their 30s, 69 are in their 40s, and 67 are in their 50s; 62 of those earn under $100K, and 42 don’t manage staff
  • 13 are Owners — 1 is without designation and only 2 are managing companies with 101+ staff members while 9 identify as independent meeting planners; surprisingly only 6 are 50 or older (there is a person under 30); 5 don’t manage anyone (as they are independent meeting planners); 8 of them are paid under $100K; and 9 work under 50 hours a week
  • 18 are Meeting Designers — not surprisingly, 14 of them work for large organizations with 101+ people; 6 don’t have designations; only 1 person is over 60, most of them (8) are in their 50s; only 3 supervise staff; only 5 earn more than $100K; 8 of them work under 40 hours a week
  • 238 are Managers — 72 don’t have a designation; 68 people are over 50, 103 are under 40, and 67 are in their 40s; 126 don’t supervise staff; 192 work under 50 hours a week with 46 working over, including 2 that wrote they work over 80 hours a week!; 185 earn salaries under $100K — 1 of the people working 80+ hours a week earns a salary in the range of $60-$69K, only 53 take more than $100K; 126 work in companies with 101+ staff
  • 80 are Coordinators — 42 have no designation; 48 are under 40; 8 people supervise staff; 70 work under 50 hours a week; 74 are paid under $100K; 38 work in companies with 101+ staff

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