Arielle Barlage, CMP

Rosewood Miramar Beach

This year, PCMA’s 20 in Their Twenties program honors exceptional young leaders in the business events industry. Class of 2024 member Arielle Barlage, CMP, Conference Services Manager at Rosewood Miramar Beach, explains how she sees AI enhancing the personalized experiences of event attendees.

What is an opportunity and/or challenge you see on the horizon for event professionals?

AI is going to be the biggest development not only in events, but across all industries. As we are already seeing progress taking place, it will be how to incorporate and keep events relevant to the exponential degree this is expanding. It will be a great tool and learning how to leverage this with events will only enhance the personalized experience for guests and making connections.

What role do you think digital events have to play in the industry?

Digital is never going away. COVID was a great push needed to help develop and see what’s missing in the events world when it comes to technology. The door was cracked before, however this was the floodgate to drive the need for connection from a global perspective. It’s allowed teams to connect remotely and it brings together parts of the world that may not otherwise have contact. I think we have come to see that in-person is still important, but there is a balance that can be leveraged between both options for events.

What do you like most about your job?

Being able to drive my client’s goals while delivering a luxury service with my team is an amazing feeling. Working at a beautiful location on the ocean is like being on vacation each day, and is such a great reminder to take in and appreciate what’s around me.

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve gotten — from someone within or outside the events industry?

“What you are doing is important, but no one is going to die if something goes wrong. This isn’t brain surgery.” In the events and hospitality industry there can be so many unknowns, last-minute calls, pivots, and burnout. There is a lot of pressure to deliver a perfect experience. I’ve found this quote to be a gentle reminder to have fun along the way — we’re on a path to deliver a great experience for our guests and we should be able to enjoy it as well.

Members of PCMA’s 20 in Their Twenties class of 2024, supported by PCMA Foundation and Experience Columbus, were recognized at PCMA Convening Leaders 2024, Jan. 7-10 in San Diego, California.

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