Webinar: Events as a Powerful Catalyst for Richer Intergenerational Dialogue

As event organizers focus more attention on growing Millennial and Gen Z attendance, the pendulum might be swinging too far. In this webinar, we will examine steps you can take to foster richer intergenerational exchanges to solve industry challenges, while growing attendance and loyalty across all generations.

Bites & Sites Webinar: Creating A Sustainable Menu for Your Event

Sustainability has become a big aspect of almost any industry and in the meetings industry sustainability has become crucial to maintaining our social and environmental responsibility. Join Tracy Stuckrath in exploring sustainable food options you can employ at any venue.

What Is Driving Change in the Events Industry?

IMEX CEO Carina Bauer shares her thoughts about how the events industry "is a diverse industry which needs to make the most of technology and every single asset it has." (Raconteur)

Meeting Planners Anticipate Rough Year Ahead

Tight budgets, increased competition, last-minute requests, and unresponsive venues rise to the top of the list of challenges planners need to tackle in 2019 and beyond. (Skift)