Member in Focus – Beth Griffiths, Strategy Director and General Manager, Filament Limited

We chatted with one of our newest PCMA APAC members, Beth Griffiths, Strategy Director and General Manager, Filament Limited, and asked her about adapting to the new events environment and how she’s upskilled herself during the pandemic.

As the Strategy Director and General Manager, how have you adapted to the new business landscape?

One of our core strengths is agility. As an independent and boutique agency we pride ourselves on our flexibility and quickly adapting to our clients’ needs.

Due to the social unrest in Hong Kong in 2019 we delivered a few hybrid events as some delegates were apprehensive about inbound travel. The hybrid element was very much a bolt-on and I was conscious of the engagement gap between the offline and online audience. I was keen to learn more about a strategy first approach so when the pandemic struck, I quickly enrolled in PCMA’s DES course! The course was fantastic as it enhanced my knowledge of hybrid and opened my mind to the potential of virtual events. I have been sharing my learnings and insights with clients via proposals and Zoom calls!

What does the delayed travel bubble between Hong Kong and Singapore mean for Filament? And how will this travel bubble generate business for the future?

It burst the hope for a faster recovery; excuse the pun! Whilst our work is predominately in Asia Pacific, we do not have any clients based in Singapore. Of course, our regional events included delegates from Singapore so a future travel bubble would enhance the in-person audience size. Like everyone in our industry, I cannot wait to engage and entertain people face-to-face.

How are you planning a future-focused strategy?

The current role out of the vaccine has seen its share of challenges and is not a clear path to recovery. Future events will be predominantly hybrid, this is no surprise. The return to live events will be incremental, slow, and cautionary. The strategy is pivot but be prepared to pivot again.

In 2020, Filament hosted your own event showcasing technology and content delivery. You were leading the charge; how has this strategy worked for Filament?

It worked two-fold. Not only did it enable our team to upskill and experiment with innovative solutions, it also provided our clients and network with valuable insights and inspiration.

The most satisfying result was seeing the team come together and taking risks. The risks paid off as the show was a success. It helped stimulate conversations, workshops, and business with existing and new clients.

‘Embrace Digital; Remain Human’ is the Filament vision, has this evolved? In what ways have you (and the business) embraced digital?

We have certainly embraced digital even more! Since starting the business 4 years ago, our Managing Director, Kevin Wong, has always said technology is important in storytelling, but it should not be the story. Do not use technology for the sake of technology and its cool factor. Use it to enhance the story and evoke emotion.

Personally, I have upskilled and immersed myself into the world of digital events. As a business, we have supported our clients with their own digital event transformations. We have shared our expertise but also remained humble and at times embraced digital together.

You’ve started your Digital Event Strategist course; how does the content apply to your business knowledge?

I have finished the course – I just need to find time to study for my exam! The content was brilliant. As a Strategy Director the content and engagement modules were the most relevant. I also loved hearing about the SME’s experience with different platforms, integrations and tips for briefing remote speakers.

The DES course gave me access to amazing content but also a wonderful and inspiring community. Despite learning on-demand (classes were run live from the US) the PCMA team and the SME’s were always accessible, supportive, and enthusiastic.

Why did you choose to become a PCMA member?

I became a member because I want to continue my education and become more involved in the business events community.

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